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HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION GRADUATE PROGRAM SUBJECT OUTLINE STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS HI 5019 TRIMESTER 3 / 2014 Holmes Institute is committed...Please use Microsoft Project 2010. And also take the screenshots of the Microsoft Project (Gantt chart, RACI chart, critical path) and paste it in the answers. Please note the resources, rates and budget...Assessment item 2 — Individual case study Due date: 1:00pm AEST, Thursday, Week 10 All students are to submit electronically – max file size is 2Mb. ASSESSMENT Weighting: 35% Length: No set length 2 Introduction...Read the case study ‘Success to Succession’. • Identify the importance of wetware costs. • Identify an organisation implementing an Accounting Information System. • Discuss the relevance of wetware costs...ITECH1400 / 2100 / 6100 Assignment 2 Due Date: 2nd February 2015, 8am Assessment Value: 20% of final course result The work you submit must be your own individual work. Your work may be submitted by staff...Task: Research Proposal- Mini Research Project Due Date: Week 8 – Friday January 16, 2014, 11:55 pm Worth: 10% (10 marks) Objectives The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to develop an effective...School of the Environment Spatial Information Management Make a presentation Deadline for submission: 21th November, 5:00pm. Report Objectives This presentation assignment is worth 15% of your final grade...Kingly help meTasks: Prepare a detailed design document for the user interface for your project. Your design document should be based on your Project Requirements and Scope document and your Project Design proposal....ASSIGNMENT 1 SPECIFICATION Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date ASSIGNMENT 1 100.00 10% 16 January 2015 IMPORTANT INFORMATION You must submit the assignment electronically by the due date via the online...Microeconomics_and_Macroeconomics_Assignments_Combined__(SUMMER_2014-15)Globalisation General Framework In this topic, you are to research globalisation. The business press bombards us with ideas about „the shrinking world?, „the flat world? and „the border-less world? – all...JOURNAL 2: Write a report of 1000 words to demonstrate your understanding of the implementation aspects of digital innovation in the selected organization/Business. Your journal should cover following...ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL DIAGNOSIS GROUP WORK Índice Report 9 Presentation 9GROUP WORK Objective in the accounting and finance module by applying them in a real case.Upon completing the unit, they will...Assessment item 2 Diagnosis Value: 40% Due date: 11-Jan-2015 ( Return date: 23-Jan-2015 Word Limit: 3500 words Task Task 1 (not assessable) Week 1-3 (Introduction) A poll has been set up on the Interact...Assessment item 3 Active Engagement in Systems Analysis Work Value: 30% Due date: 11-Jan-2015 Return date: 01-Feb-2015 Length: Approx 2,000 words Submission method options Alternative submission method...CIS 3009 Make-up (IM) specification Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date ASSIGNMENT 3 50.00 100.00 See study desk IMPORTANT INFORMATION This is a Make-up (IM) assignment. To be awarded a passing Grade...ITECH1400 Assignment 1 Due Date: 12th January 2015 Assessment Value: 20% of final course result The work you submit must be your own individual work. Your work may be submitted by staff to an online code-plagiarism...COIT29222 Programming Principles (T3 2014) Assessment item 2— Assignment 2 Due date: Thursday of Week 10 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 30% Length: NA 2 Objectives This assessment item is designed to test your...Sent from my iPhone

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