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CASE STUDY You are an Information Systems manager of a medical consulting company in Sydney, Australia. Your client, Greenland Health Group in Malaysia, has asked you to re-develop a medical management...Weighting: 10% of overall mark for the topic (Version One 5%; Version Two 5%) Due: Version One (5%) Mon 23 March 5pm (penalties for late submissions) Version Two (5%) Mon 27 April 5pm (penalties for late...Professional Practice in IT Assignment 1 (Group presentation and reflection) Due Dates • Presentations must be delivered in tutorials in Week 6 (24 and 25 March) and Week 7 (31 March and 1 April). • PowerPoint...Statistical Decision Making and Quality ControlShow all calculations/reason (a) A company wishes to set control limits for monitoring the direct labour time to produce an important product. Over the past,...16.BUSN1012: Detailed Assignment 2 Guide (Short Management Report) page19image1120 Weighting: 10% of overall mark for the topic (Version One 5%; Version Two 5%) Due: Version One (5%) Mon 23 March 5pm (penalties...Assessment item 2 Assignment 1 Value: 15% Due DATE : 05-Apr-2015 Return date: 27-Apr-2015 Submission method OPTIONS Alternative submission method Task Task 1: 40 marks 1 Define the term ‘use case’ and...Assessment 1: Individual assignment - Written case study report Case study: Google Inc. case study (Case study – google.pdf) Type: Individual assignment Total marks: 30 marks Word limit: see individual...ask QUESTION 1 ProbabilityShow all calculations/reasoning (a) What are the two basic laws of probability? (b) What is a random variable? What are the various types of random variables? (c) Consider the...Assignment 1: Value: 20% Due date: 23-Mar-2015 Length: 1500 (LO 1,2,6) The multinational company you work for has three years ago started operations in Peru. After an initial, fairly smooth two years,...Evaluation of User Interfaces Value: 20% Due date: 12-Apr-2015 Return date: 03-May-2015 Length: 2,000 words Submission method options EASTS (online) Task You have been engaged to provide an expert review...CIS8004 – Semester 1, 2015 Journal Assessment Item Description Journal 1 to be submitted as single document (10% - 600 words) Your journal task is to assess an Organisation Information System, and write...Title Write an analytical report Level 5 Credits 5 Purpose People credited with this unit standard are able to plan, write, and evaluate the effectiveness of an analytical report. Classification Communication...CP1Stream 1 Implementing Calculator Functionality The instructions below assumes that you used the recommended names from week 1, i.e.Project Name: CalculatorForm: CalculatorForm If you did not use the...Preliminary work for two industry research papersDue date: See your Study Desk Value: 5% Structure: Essay Objectives The course objectives met by this assignment include: • Course specifications are available...Question 2: Company analysis, risk and returns (15 marks total) You will be allocated an ASX listed company to study for this part of the assignment and part of Assignment 2. You can find your allocated...Proposed online business: FOOD OUTLET WHICH SELLS FOOD ITEMS ONLINE **** Note Task 1 should be submitted as a separate spreadsheet file and Tasks 2 should be submitted in one word document **** TASK 1...An annotated bibliography is a list of reference material, providing all referencing information, plus a short review of each item. It is generally set out in alphabetical order by first authors’ family...CIS8100 Assignment 2 PROJECT (PROTOTYPE) & REPORT Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Word limit Due date Assignment 2 100 30 Approx. 3000 3 April 2015 Learning objectives and graduate skills tested 1....Accounting and Financial Management Assignment 1 Due date: 20th April 2015 This Assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate:• the application of management accounting concepts and...Assignment has no specific word count but my 1st assignment should be around 4 to 5 pages single space 12 font

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