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Auditing AssignmentQuestion 1 (15 marks)A.The audit partner has just advised you that he has been approached to accept the appointment of auditor to Games Limited. Games Limited is a manufacturer of gaming...Assessment two – academic essay (business style including headings) – 35% [week 9]marketing 2016 .1 Academic Marketing Essay (business style-includes headings)-Assessment 2 Instructions and Marking Guide...AYN416 Integrated Accounting Project (to be completed individually)Objectives:The objectives of this project are for students to demonstrate:1. Skills and knowledge in the preparation of manual financial...Introduction to Programming COIT 20245Assessment item 1—Java Console ProgramDue date: Week 6 T116 – Midnight, Friday 22 April 2016 ASSESSMENTRefer below for complete assessment item 1 requirements(Assignment...COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and DesignAssignment 1 - About Systems DevelopmentDue date: Practical and Written Assessment Due Thursday (21 Apr 16) 08:00 PM AEST ASSESSMENTWeighting: 30%Length:...Can you complete the research paper chapter 5 “Finding and result” for 1500 words due on 20/04.I also give you a link and some sources for that.HI6027 Individual AssignmentCase Study 1 (10 marks)Adam wants to sell his flower shop business to Eve. Adam states that the flower shop turns over $600,000, and showed Eve a few monthly receipts to show...Assessment Guidelines for MKT8002 2016Assessment detailsDescription Marks out of Wtg(%) Due dateREPORT 1 100 40% Wednesday 20th April 2016REPORT 2 100 60% Wednesday 8th June 2016We expect you to submit...BUSN 2044 Managing DiversityAssignment 1 – Individual EssayIndividual Essay and Panel Presentation: 25%Essay length: 1000 words (15%) – 18th April 2016.Panel discussion: 10 Minutes (10%) – 3rd May 2016Students...CIS3002 S12015 - Assignment 1 instructionsPresentation: search for examples of consulting company reports, your assignment should have a professional look and feel; put your name, student number, course...Assignment help, 1600 wordsProject InitiationValue: 15%Due date: 25-Apr-2016Return date: 17-May-2016Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskVarious tasks as outlined below after the case background.Case BackgroundWillow...TaskAssessment 3 has 20 marks in total. Marks will be scaled according to the value of the assignment. Assessment 3 has four Tasks. Task 1 is to create subject class and test its properties, Task 2 is...EssayYou are required to prepare a 1500 word essay, supported by a minimum of 6 scholarly references. The purpose of this task is for you to extend your skills in sourcing information from nursing journals,...Assessment item 2—Group case studyDue Dates: See Moodle for the exact date and time for the submissions listed below.Individual submissions: Sub-deliverable 1: End of week 6 Sub-deliverable 2: End of week...Assessment item 2Assignment 2Value: 20%Due date: 22-Apr-2016Return date: 05-May-2016Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskAssessment 2 has 20 marks in total. Marks will be scaled according...Assignment 1Database Management System (DBMS)Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due dateAssignment 1 100.00 20.00 27th April 2016This assignment must be all your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course...Assignment 2: case studies - collection and ethical issues• Due Date: 22 April 2016• Weighting Percentage: 50%• Addresses learning outcome(s):o On successful completion of this unit, students will be able...Faculty of Business, Government and LawBusiness Intelligence Systems 7156 and 6680Assignment 2: Final Project Requirements for DSS/BIS ProjectDue Week 12, Friday 6th May 2016 by 11pmValue 30%, Individual...Report WritingValue: 20%Submission method optionsAlternative submission methodTaskThis assessment task covers topics covered in week 1 to 6 and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the...

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