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Assessment 2 Assessment Type: Group Assignment - Report and Video Presentation. All of the group will assessed equally on the group presentation (see marking below). Group members must be confirmed with...Value: Length: Due: CUCIOO Assessment 3: Oral & Visual Presentation 15% 5 minutes audio and slide presentation Total of 10 PowerPoint slides Monday, 23:59 (CST) Week 9 uploaded to Learnline Internal...Managerial EconomicsAssessment 2019/20Academic year and term: Semester One 2019/20Module title: Managerial EconomicsLearning outcomes 1. Knowledge outcome – You will be able to develop your capacity to...PPMP20008Assessment 2:Project ScenarioAcknowledging First Nations Peoples (and their elders) project1. Project TitleAcknowledging First Nations Peoples (and their elders) project by naming/renaming selected...PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects Term 3, 2019PPMP20009 Leading Lean ProjectsAssessment 1 SpecificationIndividual Assessment (40%)Due Date: 23:55 AEST Week 9, Friday (24 January, 2020) Length: 2500 – 3000...Research proposal3500 wordsAssessment Task – NAPLAN Exercise – Word count: 500 words, plus or minus 10%.This assessment refers to the 2016 Year 5 NAPLAN Numeracy Assessment (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority...1500 - 2000 words Monday, 23:59 (CST), Week 13 Submission: Submit your persuasive essay through the -A4: Persuasive Essay- link in the -Assessment Submission- area of Learnline by 23:59 on Monday of Week...Optus 12:36 pm Not Secure — Assessment Type: Mid-trimester test — individual assessment — closed book. Students should bring a non- programmable calculator to the exam. No other electronic...ASSESSMENT BRIEFCOURSE: Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of AccountingUnit Code: OGBH 201Unit Title: Organisational BehaviourType of Assessment: Project 01 – Annotated BibliographyLength/Duration: 1500 wordsUnit...<p>TENDER <br>DOCUCUMENT <br>XYZ COUNCIL <br>NSW <br>IMPLEMENTATION <br>OF <br>CORPORATE PLANNING &amp; REPORTING SYSTEM <br>PROJECT <br>NOVEMBER...Superannuation and Retirement Advice(FPC003)AssignmentAssignment marks: 95 | Presentation marks: 5Total marks: 100Student No.: [Enter your Student No.]I have read the Assignment Guide in the ‘General assessment...Can you able to do this assignment? Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Media (CEM)Coursework Brief 2019/20 Module name: Product Design and Development Module code: ENGD2051 Title of the Assignment:...Assessment Task 2 Cover SheetStudent DeclarationTo be filled out and submitted with assessment responsesq I declare that this task is all my own work and I have not cheated or plagiarised the work or colluded...Assessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimester T3 2019Unit Code HI6028Unit Title Taxation Theory, Practice & LawAssessment Type AssignmentAssessment Title Individual AssignmentPurpose of theassessment...Written AssignmentBusiness Management SkillsThis document includes the following parts:• Instructions for completing and submitting this assignment• CCF & MB case study and tasks covering Business...10 slidesMy name is ******, and my part is Unique Industry / firm features (200 words), Analyse value of stock (1-2 pages), How different is estimate from actual price (0.5 page) and why? Should we invest in this...LAW5230 Assignment Semester 3, 2019LAW5230 Taxation Law AssignmentDue date: 13 January 2020Value: 40%Word Limit: 4,000 words (excluding calculations)This assignment consists of two (2) parts. Part A consists...

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