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Research on an Australian case (not more than 10 years old since the decision by the Court) involving breach of company director’s/officer’s duties. Write a report outlining the following: 1. Case introduction....Assessment Information Subject Code: ACCM 4600 Subject Name: Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues Assessment Title: Individual case study Weighting: 50% of overall subject mark; please note that you...CIS8011 – assessment item Case Based Learning ActivityDue date: (See the course website) Value: 5% Description: Essay Assessment Question: Write an essay – using 250 words only – to answer the following...HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION Group Assignment HS2011 Systems Analysis and Design Trimester 3 2016 Date Due: Friday Week 12, 2016 by 5:00 PM) Marks: Weighting...I will be ever grateful to the person who helps me with these questions, I am terrible at organic chemistryCRITICAL ANALYSIS OF THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN Reference 20 Style : Harvard AGPS Must make tables and figures Executive summary (200–250 words but this does not form part of the assignment word count)....NOTES: In this assignment you have to use MySQL.Assignment 5 tasks: each query is worth 5 marksWrite and run SQL statements to complete the following tasksPart A - DML 1. Locate the record in the vendor...TaskObserve the following table then proceed to complete the points listed below the table:CUST_ CODE CUST_ LNAME CUST_ AREACODE CUST_ PHONE INV_ DATE INV_ AMOUNT PROD_ CODE PROD_DESCRIPT 10010 Ramas soon as possible plz1. Task Description Our hypothetical DVD rental shop has now decided to extend their business by creating an on-line booking site. We will be developing several modules for the shop, as the overall system...Assessment 2: 30% Assessment Type: Case Study – 3500 + 10% word report – Individual assessment.Purpose: To allow students to begin to apply the knowledge and skills of the subject to a real world example.Value:...Brief summary of the task. • Worth 20% • Group assignment, Between 1-4 students ? submit group details by week 8 You must submit your group details even if you are doing it by yourself Click here for instructions...BUS700 Economics T316 Assessment Type: Individual Critical Analysis – 2500 + 10% report -­- Team Research Purpose: To allow students to research and critically analyse an evaluate a current microeconomic...General Information Marks: 25 Weight: 25% Format: Report and Analysis Due: 27-Jan-17 Submission: Submit report AND Excel analysis file by uploading your file to the Finance 1 Assignment portal in Blackboard,...HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HI5019 STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS T3 2016 Assignment 2 (Business Report) Group Assignment (Week 10 5pm Friday) In groups of three or four, you will be required...TAXATION LAW 1. What is the purpose of s40-880 ITAA97? What types of expenditure are expressly excluded from the operation of the provision? Provide some examples of expenditure that would fall within...Assignment 2 PROTOTYPE & BRIEFING REPORT Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date ASSIGNMENT 2 100.00 25.00 25 January 2017 This assignment must be your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course...Assessment 3: Individual assignment Marketing strategy development Weight: 30% of total marks Length: 2500 words This length limit includes any text, figures, tables, in-text references, and appendices....Case Study 2: Chapter 11 (page 397-398). Answer question (a) and (c) only. RWE Enterprises: Expansion Project Analysis RWE Enterprises, Inc. (RWE) is a small manufacturing firm located in the hills just...An Individual assignment documenting your weekly achievements and difficulties in an appropriate academic format with referencing and evidence of academic research, covering weeks 2-9A word document submitted...

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