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HI6028 Taxation, Theory, Practice & Law T1, 2017 ASSIGNMENT 1 Due date: Week 7 Due date: Week 8 ( Block Mode) Maximum marks: 20 (20%) Instructions: This assignment is to be submitted by the due date...Assessment 2: Individual assignment Marketing strategy development Weight: 30% of total marks Due: 11pm, Friday Week 11 Length: 2500 words (includes references) This length limit includes any text, figures,...Task In your accounting career you will be required to analyse current accounting issues and communicate your theoretical understanding to your professional colleagues and your clients. For this assignment...Assessment 2: Individual essay 14 Assessment Task 2 Due Date % SILOs Assessed Individual written essay 1,500 words Monday 9am Week 11 30% 1,2 Grading Criteria and Feedback See rubric Description of Task...This is an individual assessment that extends the first assignment. Taking the perspective of the organisation examined in Assessment Item 1 students are to select one of the following:1. Governance2....MKT3001 Marketing Research Assignment 2 Developing a research proposal for the underperforming brand due 10th May 2017 Marked out of 100 and weighted at 40% of your overall marks Your task You are to design...FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATIONIndividual Assignment HC2051 Mobile Web Applications Development Trimester 1 2017 Date Due: Friday Week 8 by 5:00 PM Marks: Weighting 10% Student Name (Block letters) Student...I need an assignment for the business research proposal with the same topic which have been done for the literature reviewAssessment Task 3: Individual Analysis and Reflection Submission Date: HANOI - March 20th, 2017, 23:59 (Upload file to Turn It In)SAIGON – (Week 11) May 6th, 2017, 23:59 (Upload file to Turn It In) Word...Write a paper, 4 pages (2-column format) in length, on a topic covered in our textbook. For this assignment, you need to plan, research, and, use your initiative to express the knowledge you learnt in...Case Study Value: 25% Due date: 07-May-2017 Return date: 29-May-2017 Length: 3,000 words Submission method options Alternative submission method Task Case study You are planning the 31 December 2016 audit...Assessment 2BWeighting: 20% of total unit assessment Length: 3000 words (+/- 10%)Write a report answering the following questions from the -Snapshot Industries- case study which will be made available...HA1022 Principals of Financial Markets Group Assignment In groups of 3-4, students should choose firstly an industry and secondly two (2) ASX listed companies in this same industry upon which to undertake...Question 1 [15 marks] Events after the reporting period Snapper Ltd is finalising its financial statements for the reporting period ending 30 June 2016. On 26 August 2016, before the financial statements...sCOIT20247 Database Design and Development (T1 2017) Assessment item 2—Assignment 2 Due date 11:45pm on Friday of Week 10 (May 19, 2017) Weighting 35% Length Not applicable Objectives This assessment item...CSIT814 --- Group Project Report Instructions Each lab class will be divided into workgroups of three (3) to four (4) students. Each group is to become a team to perform a system analysis for the problem...HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HI5019 STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS T1 2017 Assignment 2 (Business Report) Group Assignment (Week 10, 5pm Friday) In groups of three or four, you will be required...The social contract in accounting The idea of the social contract is an ancient one—it predates the European Enlightenment (which is generally thought to have started in the late 17th century). Although...Assessment weight: 20% Word limit: 3,000 words ±10% (excluding references and appendices) Learning Outcomes : LO2, LO5 Submission: Via Turnitin only. Return time: Grade and comments will be available...Assessment weight: 20% Due: 10 May 2017 Word limit: 3,000 words ±10% (excluding references and appendices) Learning Outcomes : LO2, LO5 Submission: Via Turnitin only. Return time: Grade and comments...

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