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please check file carefullyITECH 7410: Software Engineering MethodologiesAssignment 1Due Date: Fri, Sept 04, 2020 - 23:59 (Week 6)Weighting: 20%Submission: via MoodleAssignment Type: IndividualRefer to Course Description, especially...Assignment CoversheetName: ______________________ Student ID: ______________________ Email Address: ________________ Class: ______________________Unit name: _____Unit Code: ______________________________________________Assignment...please check file carefully.please check file carefully.Assessment 3 – Research & Report WritingInstructions:Using the information outlined in the Windsor valley Preparatory School project (see detail in Appendix-A) you will be required to prepare a number...Assessment 2 – Case StudyInstructions:You need to analyse two different case scenarios and complete tasks mentioned after each scenario.You need to demonstrate your ICT PROJECT MANAGEMENT ability to finalise...OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (QUESTIONS)1. (10 points) Auckland Milford Yacht Manufacturing Ltd (AMYML) operations manager is concerned that workers create more operations problem at the very...Western Sydney UniversitySchool of Built Environment300053 Professional PracticeAssessment 1 - Ethics ReportThis 1500 word report should describe and analyse an ethical dilemma (related to the Australian...Section 1 – Assessment Task Overview and DescriptionCharlie needs to pay his sales staff for the two weeks ending 20 November, and he’s asked you to put together a spreadsheet. It’s important that the...I’d like to get a quote for assignment of Finance and Mortgage Broking, Cert IV.I know you are good in the profession.European University of BusinessEuropejska Wyzsza Szkola BiznesuM.B.A ProgramLearning Center at “Berlin”Academic Year: 2019/2020A Silicon Valley firm specializes in...Could you please tell me how much does it cost 15.000 words?Also, who is writing the papers?I saw some really high-standard papers from other people. Are they written by your team?I want the best possible...Networking Technologies - Assignment 1Marks: Worth 30% of the total unit marks Due Date: Refer to Black Board Unit ScheduleObjectivesThe objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of...Can you help me with this task in a C program?Task 8.3Write a C program that reads marks of 10 students in COS10008 unit. Your program to sort the marks in the descending order.Note: Your program should...BUS5CA Customer Analytics and Social MediaSemester 2 2020Assignment 1: Additional Technical NotesA. How to Import CSV or XLSX file to a SAS LibraryThere are two way to help you achieve this.First way is...32451 Project Management – Assignment 1University of Technology, Sydney Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology32541 – Project Management Assignment OneThis is an Individual AssignmentMarks:...Part 1: Topic Selection (8% of the total mark)To get your chosen topic approved, you need to justify your choice by submitting a document that contains:• Your selected topic,• Summary of the selected topic,...This assessment is designed to apply the knowledge and skills developed by students in evaluating the role of systems thinking in global and local sustainability challenges. You have been assigned a case...Task