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In 300-400 words, using your example organisation from Discussion Topic 1, identify the 5 most important internal stakeholders in the organisation. Assess their interests and influence in the business.-the...Hi, this is the assessment research report i need help with, which is 1500 words in minimum, theres guidelines and the marking requirements for this assessment. Please quote the price please. Thank youRegards,StevenRESEARcHAssessment...TAKE-HOME EXAMINATION• Assume that you are answering all of the below questions on 24 October 2019.• Students are expected to undertake independent legal research to assist in completing this assessment...FACULTY OF LAW & BUSINESSPeter Faber Business SchoolDATA201: Data Analytics and Decision Making, Semester 2, 2019Assessment 3 [Weight 50%]Due Date: 13/11/2019 5:00PM Individual WorkAssessment Overview:This...IntroductionWrite a Business Analysis Report, of about 2500 words in length for a business case study. This report will include business requirements documentation with modelling artefacts such as:• Business...Stewardship and Governance (BUS509)Section 1: General Information1.1 Administrative detailsAssociated HE Award(s) Duration Level Unit CoordinatorDoctor of PhilosophyM. Business (Research)MBA Standard Study...Program: Professional Year ProgramCourse:Assignment: 1 Professional EnvironmentsTopic: Ethics, Professionalism and GovernanceAvailable: Week 3 openDue: Week 4 close (Saturday midnight AEST)Read the 3 Case...Assessment 2 – Report writingInstructions:This assessment consists of 2 parts. This will be an individual assessment.Complete all the tasks and submit all the required documentation to your Trainer.Duration:Trainer...Assessment 1 – ProjectInstructions:This will be an individual assessment.Students will need to perform simulated tasks and prepare related documentations to submit.Duration:Trainer will set the duration...ASSESSMENT BRIEFSubject Code and Title PROJ6000 Principles of Project ManagementAssessment Assessment 2 – Project Selection Methods and Initial DocumentsIndividual/Group IndividualLength 1500 wordsLearning...Refer the attachments.Instructions:Students will individually draw up a case study report on their own organisation, or an organisation of their choice. Students may wish to select an organisation where...Student Name:Student Number:Date:*The assessment for this unit is divided into 2 parts – Part A (Written Questions) and Part B (Project). Student must attempt and successfully complete all the parts in...Assessment 3:Governance and Stewardship PaperWrite a summative paper on seminalAssessment 3:Governance and Stewardship PaperWrite a summative paper on seminal theories of governance and stewardship that...Just need to do the 3 short answer questions highlighted at the end of the document. no referencing required.BIOL2044 Human Physiology 2: Body SystemsBlood/immunity practical/workshop: Blood typing and...Assessment Submission SheetCourse BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementUnit Code BSBLDR502Unit Name Lead and manage effective workplace relationshipsAssessor NameStudent NameStudent IDDate DuePlease...Assessment Submission SheetCourse BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementUnit Code BSBWOR501Unit Name Manage personal work priorities and professional developmentAssessor NameStudent NameStudent...Assessment Task 3 - One 5000-word essaySelect one education policy area, e.g. performance management, early childhood education policy, STEM education policy. Write a comparative analysis of two different...Weighting: 30% Learning Outcomes: 4,5,6,7Graduate Attributes: 1,3,4,6 Length: 1500 words Due date: Week 11Machine Learning applications have become a part of everyday life, particularly in business and...Tasktask 2 only