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Assessment item 1
Assignment 1
Value: 15%
Due date: 29-Mar-2015
Return date: 19-Apr-2015
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
The assessment is based on two blog entries, Blog 1 and Blog 4 which are posted in Resources.
These two blog entries come from a blog based on your text. You are required to answer one question from each blog entry.
Assignment Question 1 (7.5%)
Explain how the implementation of cloud computing relates to an organisations strategy and how it could affect a company’s value chain. Use a recent announcement by a company to illustrate your explanation. Present your answer in essay format (word guide 1000 - 1200 words).
Assignment Question 2 (7.5%)
Your manager has requested a report explaining how ERP can value add. Include in your report any potential risks that should be avoided when implementing a cloud based ERP solution in an organisation. Use the blog post as a starting point . Your report, including executive summary should be maximum length 1200 words.

This assignment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your ability to:
• understand and apply foundation principles relating to computerised information systems in contemporary organisations
• explain the role of data analysis tools and data mining;
• to illustrate typical network configurations and identify the components of a network, particularly identifying the role that cloud computing has in a network;
• evaluate accounting information system architecture, particularly identifying the role that cloud computing and ERP have as the basis for an accounting information system;
• identify organisational risk and the impact that cloud computing and ERP systems have on that risk