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This assessment item is to produce a short report addressing the topics/questions asked in the following. You are required to produce a clear, concise and to the point report according to the given format. Please note that this is not a traditional report so the general report format will not apply. The report format will be provided in the resource section of the subject Interact site. You must use APA 6th edition style referencing for your references.
You are required to answer the following questions in your report while considering the marking criteria given in the marking rubric.
Question 1: Virtualisation plays an important role in today’s IT environment. Almost every organisation uses virtualisation in some form. Your task is to explain briefly the importance and need of virtualisation technologies in IT organisation with relevant examples. Your answer should be between 400 – 500 words and address the points in the marking rubric. (10 Marks)
Question 2: Virtual Machine (VM) is an important application that can works as a computer in any virtual environment. Explain some key attributes of a VM to be considered an efficient VM. What important points will you consider when using a VM as a server? Your answer should be between 400 – 500 words and follow the report format. (10 Marks)
Question 3: Virtual appliance is a key concept in virtualisation world. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of virtual appliances available these days. Define what is a virtual appliance and vApp? Name any three main virtual appliance providers and briefly describe their products with some key features. Your answer should be between 400 – 500 words and follow the report format. (10 Marks)
Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment.
This assessment consists of three questions assessing the basic understanding of virtualisation and related concepts. This assessment covers the following learning objectives:
• be able to list and explain the importance of different virtualisation technologies for x86 and UNIX based platforms;
• be able to evaluate which virtualisation technology should be used in a given set of requirements; and
• be able to discuss and evaluate the requirements for effective VM management.
Report Format
Cover Page including Assessment No. , Assessment Title, Student Name, Student ID, Student Email
Introduction – this section should contain a brief introduction of the report mentioning about all questions. This section should maximum of one A4 size page.
Answer Questions 1, 2 and 3 here.
References (Must be in APA style both in-text and at the end of the report) This is part of the marking rubric.
1. Report should be submitted in MS Word (preferably) format. Please do not use any other format for your submission.
2. Please check spelling and grammar mistakes in your report as this will be part of the marking rubric.
3. Word limit (1500 words (-/+10%) ) will exclude cover page, introduction and references.
4. All figures, tables or any other data taken from various sources must be references as per APA 6th edition style referencing.

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