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16.BUSN1012: Detailed Assignment 2 Guide (Short Management Report)
10% of overall mark for the topic (Version One 5%; Version Two 5%)
Version One (5%) Mon 23 March 5pm (penalties for late submissions) Version Two (5%) Mon 27 April 5pm (penalties for late submissions)
750 words (plus or minus 10%)
This report is a formative assessment designed to partially address two of the topic’s learning outcomes: LO 1 (‘understand the basic language of management’) and LO 4 (‘demonstrate basic effective communication skills in an academic context’). Using examples, write a 750 word report on some of the ways in which organisations and jobs have changed in the last 10 years. How have these changes affected the manager’s job and the skills a manager needs to be successful? You should search business newspapers and magazines for examples to support your report.
2a Version One of the report (5%)
Due on 23 March with feedback provided within 2 weeks. You can then use the feedback to write an improved second version of the report.
2b Version Two of the report (5%)
Due immediately after the mid-semester break on 27 April. If you do not (want to) hand in a second version of your report, you will be awarded the same mark for Version Two as for Version One.
? You are asked to “write a 750 word report”. This means you need to use the format for report writing (which is a style regularly used in the workplace). Include a table of contents; use numbered headings and sub-headings; use bullet-point lists (if relevant); write a brief introduction and also a conclusion. At all times make sure to write clearly so that you get your message across easily. If you are unsure about report writing style, you can find more information in the recommended text Summers and Smith (2010) and also in the Student Learning Centre study guides.
? You have to “use information from business pages in newspapers and magazines”. That means you are expected to search for a few relevant business articles in publications such as the Australian Financial Review, Business Review Weekly, Fortune, etc. Of course you will have to reference the articles you use for your assignment in a formal reference list at the end of your report.
? Be careful when using material from written sources (such as the textbook, articles, business magazines). Make sure to use your own words. Do not directly copy or quote from books or articles or websites, but paraphrase using your own words.
? Make sure you reference all sources you use. Flinders Business School uses Harvard style referencing which means you need to reference in the text (‘in-text referencing’) and also include a reference list. If you are unsure about referencing conventions, contact the Library or the Student Learning Centre for help; in addition, the recommended text by Summers and Smith (2010) is a useful resource as is the Student Learning Centre study guide.
? Use good language and writing style in order to communicate your ideas clearly. Being able to communicate well is vital for participating effectively in the workplace.
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To check before submitting
? Presentation.
Make the report look appropriate and professional (something you are proud of). This means:
o Make sure to use spell-check
o Proof read to pick up obvious spelling errors and typos
o Use page numbering
o Use standard font and font size (e.g. Arial 11 or equivalent)
o Avoid colour or coloured font
o Use 1.5 line spacing (which is easier to read than single line spacing) but use single line
spacing in the reference list
o Include a title page which includes your name and also lists your tutorial and tutor
? Limiting the size of your document.
Since you need to submit the document electronically, ensure you don’t increase the size of the document unnecessarily. Hence:
o Keep your document as a simple Word document o Avoid pictures, photos, images or graphics
o Do not use colour
o Do not include attachments
? Originality.
When you submit an assignment the university expects to receive original work completed by you. Academic integrity is a very important issue within universities and people found to breach academic integrity are penalised (which can mean being precluded from study). Use text-matching software (Turnitin) to assure yourself that your written text does not closely match existing published sources. Access to Turnitin is provided on the BUSN1012 FLO site as well as outside the topic FLO site. Make sure your work is appropriate and do not use sources without paraphrasing. Staff will use Turnitin to check your work after it has been submitted.
How to submit
This assignment should be submitted electronically through the BUSN1012 FLO site. Do not email the assignment to your tutor. If you have any problems submitting, please contact the FLO Help Desk.
Where to go for help with academic, writing and language skills
You can ask questions of your tutor during tutorials and by email. However, it is important to learn how and where to find different types of support. Hence, make sure you learn about and start to use the following:
? Face-to-face support. There is face-to-face help available around campus as follows: o Student Learning Centre
o Library
o Flinders Business School (the Steps-to-Success program).
? On-line support There are on-line resources available from the library and the Student Learning Centre.
There are also many electronic resources of variable quality outside of Flinders.
? Hard copy support. There are many books that offer study support. The recommended text Communication Skills Handbook (3rd ed) by Summers and Smith (2010) includes a chapter on ‘Report
writing’ and another on ‘Referencing’
Marking criteria
The marking criteria which will be used to assess your work align with the guidelines above and are listed on the feedback form for this assignment. You will receive a single mark for the report rather than individual marks against each criterion. A copy of the Assignment 2 Feedback Form is included on the next page.

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