Recent Question/Assignment

Company: Vodafone
Identify at least three key features of your selected company’s corporate governance framework and how it positions the firm to engage with stakeholders on local and international levels. In a global context, what ethical challenges can you see for this firm that may or may not be addressed with its current governance arrangements.
Introduction(about the three key features of the selected company’s corporate governance framework and not about the company)
Body section
Literature review:
Corporate governance frameworks
From agency approach
From stakeholder approach
Selected features of corporate governance (see the list on next slide)

Overview of the company of your choice( small introduction about the selected company)
Identification and Assessment of at least 3 key features of corporate governance.
Engagement with other stakeholders
Ethical challenges
Comment on the issues: Show the argument and theory integration.
Choose any three from the following-
Key features may include (but are not limited to):
Remuneration practices
Transparency and disclosure
Committee composition
Shareholder rights
Board diversity
Social responsibility
Audit process
Community engagement
Your submission will be assessed according to the following criteria:
Identification of stakeholder issues
Consideration of ethical challenges
Appropriate literature selected
Citations and referencing
Presentation, spelling and grammar