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Nova Southeastern University
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
CISC 610 Programming Languages (31370)
Master's – Winter 2015 (01/05/15 - 04/26/15)
Term Code 201530
Assignment 2 (Research Paper)
Due on 3-22 / BlackBoard / EST Midnight.
This assignment is worth 15% of your total grade.
Your document for this project will be submitted to WebCT (Assignment 2) in one of the following file formats: ASCII, MS Word, or PDF
This research paper will be evaluated on the content and clarity of each area as well as the effectiveness, organization and planning. Factors affecting the evaluation process include the purpose, significance, merit of the investigation, focus, depth and flow.
Research Area:
Programming Language types:
Your are a research scientist at a large software company and have been asked to provide current research (2 years or less) on one of the above listed programming languages type. Your goal is to provide research in the latest changes, direction, and activity of your language type.
Your paper must include a well-defined direction and review of the influential research in the subject area. The paper must be between 12-15 pages and include a minimum of 10 citations. Each citation in the paper must appear in the reference list. Use proper journals such as IEEE and ACM. No trade publications, No web references, and No book references.
Form and Style.
Your paper should pay close attention to maintaining a consistent flow and depth. The document must be well written and should be proofread for detail and accuracy. The paper should follow the basic framework for a scientific paper should answer the following questions:
What is the Problem?
What is the goal of the paper?
What were the results (research findings) ?
What are your conclusions?
What is the future research work?
Further definition of structure might be:
1) Define the problem.
2) State your goal.
3) Why are these works significant and relevant?
4) Show current research and current direction.
5) Conclusion
6) Future work or investigations.
Margins: Left-hand 1.5 inches, all other 1 inch
Spacing: Double spacing
Page Numbers: Arabic numerals in the upper right hand corner.
Type style. 12 point, Times Roman or similar Serif typeface
Methodology: Refer to the Nova Southeastern University Dissertation Guide, under documents, Page 19, as a possible guideline.
References and Citation:
Follow the APA guidelines for references and citations.