Recent Question/Assignment

SIMT Institute is located in Parramatta NSW, administration office and computer labs are located in separate buildings and 300 meters from each other. Each building is using own 10 Mbps internet connections and current legacy telephone system with 10 desk telephone in each building. Due to increasing in cost and network management cause of duplication in service, the principle is thinking of merging two internet lines to become one and to replace current deficiency legacy telephone system with voice over IP system.
You have being contacted to investigate, site survey, design, and implement a possible solution for these requests.

Write a proposal that include:
Addition assumption that result from site survey if needed;
New wireless connection between buildings solution that able to serve current internet usage and new voice over IP system bandwidth;
A network diagram to layout new network components such as switch, routers, computer, network cables, access point, power injection, antennas, and wireless bridges;
Detailing vendor names, module name for wireless devices, desk telephones and switches with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) supported;
A table that comprises the cost of two different vendors with Australia price listed so that principle can compare and choose from. The costing table should limit to wireless bridges, desk telephones, and switches with PoE enabled;
Your own recommendation on emerging technology as well as costing on a favorite vendor as conclusion of your proposal.
To demonstrate your understanding of:
wireless networks terminology and technology;
planning and performing a basic POE wireless network design;
emerging building to building wireless network technologies;
research skills;
provide citation and referencing based on CSU guidelines.