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Assessment item 2
Value: 15%
Due date: 05-Jan-2015
Return date: 26-Jan-2015
Length: 1500 words
Submission method options
EASTS (online)
1. Discuss your position in relation to the CSR debate i.e. do you favour the broad or the narrow view? Imagine yourself after graduating. You are the CEO of a large company and have adopted your chosen view. How would your approach affect society?
2. Use ethical theory to defend your position. An effective way to do this is to:
a. Choose an ethical theory to apply to the broad or narrow view.( I prefer Broad View)
b. Briefly outline the theory to demonstrate your understanding of it.
c. Apply it to the issue (HINT: It’s easier to apply it to the concept of one view or another, rather than to specific arguments for/against one side). Justify any assumptions that you make.
d. When you have applied the theory, make a clear statement regarding whether or not your application of theory finds your chosen view ethical.
NOTE: Please use the assessment rationale and the marking rubric provided below
these should all assist your understanding of the task, and how marks will be allocated.

Your report should consist of the following sections:
• Title page
• Table of contents;
• Introduction
• Body of the report;
• Recommendations;
• Conclusion; and
• References
Test book
Shaw, W., Barry, V., Issa, T., & Catley, B. Moral Issues in Business (2013) 2nd Asia-Pacific ed., Cengage Learning. Melbourne, Australia

This task is designed to measure the following learning objectives:
Students should be able to:
• describe the issues and debates associated with the concept of corporate social responsibility
• outline ethical theories in western moral philosophy and apply them in organisational contexts
• critically reflect on their role as business professionals and how their future actions as business professionals can affect society in positive and negative ways.

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