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CIS8011 Digital Innovation
Semester 2, 2014 Supplementary Assignment Specification
1500 words maximum
Write a thoroughly researched and organised report on the following aspects.
As a future CIO of an organisation, you are asked to comment on the data storage issues of a multi national company (MNC). The organisation has a strong presence of a mobile workforce in three continents, with each continent employing about 100 employees that collect data on a daily basis for analytics.
The data includes financial details, stock details, manufacturing details, sales details and a number of indicators used by stock markets to determine stock values. Due to many operational issues, the MNC is seriously considering data storage issues, and commissioned you to write a thoroughly researched report on this topic.
Your report should focus on the following aspects.
1. The processes and procedural considerations the organisation would/will need to understand in data storage aspects on the cloud and how this can be mitigated?
2. What are the potential security risks in implementation of such a procedure?
For the purpose of this assignment, you will make necessary assumptions, validate the same, and then provide a well-researched and informed report to the CEO.
File format and submission
Only PDF format of the final report is to be submitted.
You are expected to provide current trends in terms of procedural considerations, and the focus should be on how this can be managed by a MNC. Use standard reference format (as per the course specification) and you must source your materials only from journals.
Due date: 15 January 2015.
Email a copy of the assignment to:
Please copy yourself into the email. You may not receive an acknowledgement, and if the assignment is not received by the due date, you will automatically recorded with a FAIL.
Once the assignment is sent via email, send an email to the above address notifying the assignment has been submitted. Do not attach the file in the notification email.