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Application of basic strategic concepts in a specific sector.
As a preliminary exercise using your new knowledge of the basic strategy concepts, prepare a very basic document analyzing the industrial golf sector in Spain and the strategic analysis of . If you prefer, alternatively you can analyze any other golf course in any other country.
The following are items to be considered.
Analysis of the macro environment (social, economic, political, and technological factors affecting the sector).
Identification of company’s mission & vision.
Identification of company’s products and/or services.
Value networks, value chain.
Identification of nonmarket factors (Government & regulatory aspects…).
Identification of present customers/consumers, overshot customers, undershot customers, present non-consumers.
Pricing aspects, present & future trends.
Total market size & projected evolution; company’s market share.
Identification of present & future competitors.
Application of different traditional strategic tools: Micro environment: Porter, BCG matrix and activity life cycle, SWOT, …so as to identify industry attractiveness & recommended strategies.
List the company´s differentiators from its competitors and identify where in the value chain these differentiators apply.
Potential for growth strategies, including international expansion, potential for different types of innovation…
Objective of the activity: application of basic strategic concepts to a real sector related to sports. Review the basic concepts of market research in a real situation.

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