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Identify the structure of an organization and its characteristics.

“Analyzing organizational structure”
Beginning by collecting information about the organization of the Inditex Group (articles, Inditex’s web page), the student will try to define its organizational structure in relation to:
- The model into which it falls, addressing factors such as: Tasks, coordination, responsibility, participation, formalization.
- Type of structure. Justify the choice with a description of the characteristics that the student perceives.
- Organizational structure of the management
- Organizational characteristics that “learn” and that can be identified.
The assignment will be presented in a ppt. (It can include images, graphics), with a maximum length of 10 slides, with one additional slide that has bibliographical references.
Recommended support bibliography:
• MINTZBERG, Henry (1983). Designing Effective Organizations. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.Ed.: Prentice-Hall
• INDITEX Information on Inditex Group and Zara.
• INDITEX Information on Inditex Group and Zara.
• Zara case: description of the development of the Zara group.
• Zara case study: part I and II and

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