Recent Question/Assignment

Apply concepts and analysis ratios balances to a practical case.
The structure of the diary implies the presence of questions or ideas that you should discuss according to the material that appears throughout the unit. Remember that neither grand statements nor a book are expected, rather that you be capable of simplifying as much as possible while still maintaining rigor, providing reasoned justifications for your conclusions about the following questions:
1. Think of and list ten limitations of the balance sheet.
2. The business PARDO S.A. has the following data. What strengths and weaknesses do you detect?
PMM = 90 days. Sector PMM = 80 days
Average Billing Period = 1 day, Sector Average Billing Period = 50 days
Average period of payment to suppliers = 10 days. Average sector period of payment to suppliers = 90 days
FM2010 = (300um), FM 2009 = (350) FMN = 500 um FM (Sector) = 700
Short-term solvency 2010 = 1.1 Sector solvency = 1.75
Acid test 2010 = 0.1 Sector acid test = 1.25
Quick = 0.1 Quick of sector= 0.75

3. The business CUELLA-RO S.A. has the following data related to its equity structure in 2009. Define six strategies for it to change from situation A to objective situation B, desirably for 2010.
4. What relationship do the three conditions of financial balance have? Answer this question for a business situation where:
Financial A. = 500 um
CBF = 1.5
N = 1,900um
Non-depreciable fixed assets = 1,000
FMN = 100
What five holders would be marked in “El Expansión digital”, if there are rumors of an expansion of capital?