Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1 (30%) (1500 words maximum)
This assignment continuous on from the journals you have produced earlier.
You are expected to write a thoroughly analysed report on the following.
The organization you have selected for the journals 1 and 2 will be used to complete assignments 1 and 2. Assume that you have been hired as a consultant to the selected organization/Business. The Executive Team requested you to investigate the issues identified in journal one to further explore how using digital innovations can mitigate such issues.
The CIO is very interested to understand the current development (NBN) in the industry in terms of digital innovations and how these innovations would influence strategic planning processes in the organization/business. Your task is to provide a comprehensive report as to how these digital innovations would directly influence their strategic planning processes.
For the purpose of this assignment, you may choose innovative processes or innovative digital technologies or a combination of both. Your scope is to identify various elements of strategic planning processes applicable to the chosen organization/business (you will need to search very specific literature in this domain), and then discuss how the innovative processes or/and innovative technologies will help to influence the strategic planning processes.