Recent Question/Assignment

Activity B: Proposal to Angel Investors (3000 words) 90%
Complete the requirements below by producing the written report that you presented to the CEO of Angel Investors in 2014.
Part 1: Your digital innovation (30%)
Write a summary of your proposed initiative addressing the following (3.75 marks each):
What your innovation is about
Current business/social/consumer problems your innovation will address/solve competitive products/services and why your initiative is different
The key areas where your innovation is likely to have impact
Who your customers will be, how large the market is, what will compel them to buy your innovation, how you will attract and retain them
Problems and drawbacks of your innovation
The future of your innovation.
How you can measure the success of your initiative
Part 2: your company (20%)
Describe your proposed new company to commercialise your initiative in terms of the following (2.5 marks each):
the industry (e.g. banking, healthcare, travel, airline etc) it operates within, its key products/services, corporate vision and mission, business strategy, corporate structure, major business processes, and relationship with external entities e.g. other organisations, government etc.
The risks your proposed new company must consider and how these risks can be mitigated
Part 3: Technology requirements and infrastructure (15%)
Using relevant sections of the text book, describe and analyse how information systems could assist your company to service your customers, integrate your suppliers and provide operational efficiency, including
Summarise the information systems requirements (applications)
Describe the required IT infrastructure
Part 4: Conclusions: finance and key findings (10%)
Estimate figures based upon your research and produce an expected Profit & Loss statement for the first 3 years (you can find many examples on-line). Clearly state to Angel Investors how much you are asking them to invest and why; explain the anticipated return they will receive. Clearly state why you have a compelling case for investment.
Presentation of your report (10%)
Layout, professionalism, cover letter, Table of Contents, use of graphics or other ways to enhance readability and impact.
References – in-text and at the end using Harvard (5%)