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GB519 | Assessment 3: A critical decision
Total marks: 40 No. of questions: 1 Due: Friday of Week 6
Weighting: 40% of overall grade Word limit: 2200 words By: 11:00 pm
Choose an organisation and write a report for the board about a critical decision the organisation must make based on a current situation. Your report should include:
y relevant background details of your organisation ? analysis of the critical decision based on a current situation that your organisation must make ? analysis of possible solutions ? recommended decision.
y You may use a fictitious name for your organisation to preserve confidentiality.
y You won’t be penalised for including/excluding points which are required by the nature of the organisation
(i.e. commercial, government or not-for-profit). If this is the case indicate what has been included/excluded.
Forum participation
You must draw on your participation in the ‘Time frame of decisions’ forum in Week 5 in preparing your report.
Background of your organisation
Based on publicly available information (such as the organisation’s annual report or other public documents), as appropriate describe:
? the principal activities/functions of your organisation and the sector it operates in ? the principal strategies of your organisation ? the products and/or services offered by your organisation ? your organisation’s customers ? the marketing/public information initiatives your organisation undertakes ? the profitability/efficiency of your organisation.
Analysis of your organisation
Based on publicly available information (such as the organisation’s annual report or other public documents), as appropriate:
y using a balanced scorecard evaluate at least three (3) critical success factors in each of the following dimensions: financial, customer, internal business, and learning/growth
y analyse the top five (5) to eight (8) significant costs of the organisation and what they relate to
(quality, environment, staff, IT, premises, etc.)
y evaluate the performance of your organisation (based on relevant financial and non-financial criteria such as financial performance, productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction, legislative requirements and market share)
y come to a conclusion as to the key strengths, weaknesses, challenges or opportunities facing your organisation.
Critical decision for your organisation
Based on your conclusions on strengths, weaknesses, challenges or opportunities from the background information:
y analyse the challenge or opportunity on which you believe the organisation needs to make a critical decision
y include the information inputs (financial and non-financial) that must be considered (including any concerns about their quality or reliability) to make that decision ? explain the time frame in which the decision needs to be made, implemented and evaluated ? describe any biases that are relevant and need to be avoided (as appropriate)
y evaluate the financial impacts of the decision (or of not making the decision) in terms of costs, revenue and/or service levels
y describe the relevant stakeholders in the decision (e.g. employees, shareholders, community, environment, regulators) ? outline the decision-making model(s) you are using.
Analysis of possible solutions
Based on your definition of the challenge/opportunity your organisation faces and the decision that must be made:
y identify at least three (3) potential solutions
y analyse these potential solutions using at least one financial and one non-financial decision-making tool (or explain in detail how one financial and one non-financial decision-making tool could be used to evaluate the alternatives).
Note: You may use a decision-making tool that has not been described in this subject but, if you do, you must provide a description of the tool, its use, and why you have chosen it.
Recommendation on the decision
Based on your evaluation of at least three (3) possible solutions:
? clearly formulate a recommendation ? outline the expected results (financial and non-financial) ? evaluate the benefits that will accrue to the organisation if the board accepts your recommendation ? summarise with a conclusion.
End of Assessment