Recent Question/Assignment

• Instructions: Topic chosen is -Ask Your Doctor: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription medicines. You need to write about: what all asked below from financial implications of this topic(Ask Your Doctor: Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription medicines).
• Note- As this subject is health care policy in canada so while writing keep canada’s policy in mind.
o 6-7 minutes for each group member to present (so plz provide 6-7 minutes of speaking content along with 6-7 slides)
• Proper use of APA is required and references.
As this is group work so my colleagues assigned me just financial implications. So you have to make slides on financial implication only(no need to use introductory or conclusion slide). Just write what is asked below in financial implications.
-Financial implications identify the financial implications of the policy and discuss the levers for funding the policy. Identify the organizations that may be impacted by the policy and how they may be impacted
Financial Implications May Include
• Resource allocation/rationing
• Distributive Justice
• Accountability
• Insurance
• Public vs private
• Financing & delivery
• Payment Mechanisms & Incentives
• Financing health care in Canada
• Economic analysis / cost – effectiveness
• Prospect theory