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Assessment 1
Your Task:
Answer the following questions below. All questions must be answered.
Question 1
List 8 examples for financial records
Question 2
List 4 different types of budgets.
Question 3
What is the purpose of preparing a draft budget?
Question 4
What should you do with the feedback from the draft budget?
Question 5
List 2 people the final budget might need to be distributed to.
Question 6
Why is it important for each department head to understand their part of the budget?
Question 7
Why should all staff have some knowledge of the budget for their area?
Question 8
Once the final budget has been approved, how often should it be monitored?
Question 9
As well as receiving the final budget the management team should be advised of their reporting duties. What
should their report contain?
Question 10
Name 2 financial reports you might generate from your accounting system to check your budget against
actual income or expenditure.
Question 11
Every revenue and expense item on the Profit and Loss Statement should be compared to what?
Question 12
When revenue variances occur, why should you talk to the staff to help identify, and find options to
address the issue?
Question 13
List 2 factors that can cause variances in staff budgets.
Question 14
List 3 colleagues you may advise if you noticed that there were deviations between your budget and your
Question 15
List 2 ways you might research new approaches to managing your budget.
Question 16
List 3 things you need to include in your budget report, to give the decision maker enough information to do a
clear cost versus benefit analysis of the budget request.
Question 17
If you are cutting expenditure, why must you be careful that the cuts do not cause the level of service and
product to fall?
Question 18
Name an accounting program you can use to help manage budgets.
Assessment 2
Your task:
Attempt to answer ALL questions in your own words on the assessment paper provided. The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the unit as well as your underpinning knowledge.
1. A customer has obtained a quote from you last week and wants to convert it to a booking. List three places where you can check all the details quoted prior to making the booking:
1. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
2. List 2 ways in which you can make a booking for a client and why you would use this method of booking: (E.g. Via Fax)
1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. For each of the following booking types, list 3 different suitable products or service bookings that can be made:
Booking Suitable Products and Services
Individual holiday
Group booking
Series tour
4. Place the following itinerary in order of booking:
3 nights’ accommodation in hotel
International flights
Day tour at destination point
5. What is a preferred product and why do we have them?
6. If a customer has not requested a specific product (e.g. Hilton Hotel), what are two things you should take into account when selecting that product for the customer?
1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
7. List 8 details you would need to provide when making a booking with a Tour Wholesaler to ensure your customer receives the correct service?
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________
6. ______________________________________________
7. ______________________________________________
8. ______________________________________________
8. List four entries that would be required on a client booking file when making a booking:
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________
9. List three amendments that a client may ask you to make when updating a booking file:
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
10. What are amendment fees and why should a client be advised about these fees prior to making changes to their booking?
11. Name three final customer details that a Supplier will require upon finalization of a booking:
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
12. What are two standard payment requirements of Tour Wholesalers when making bookings for our customers? (E.g. When do they want money and why?)
1. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
13. Files are updated whenever information on that booking is received or a change occurs. It is important that we make diary notes to schedule these future actions. List 4 actions that will be required on a booking. E.g. Balance due
1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________________
14. List 4 documents that we can issue for customers at the time of booking:

1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________
15. Name two types of transactions that will affect the financial status of a customer’s booking file:
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
16. What do we need to check when we receive a Tour Suppliers’ confirmation for a customer’s holiday?
17. Why would you ask your customer for an alternative or second choice when requesting a holiday booking?
18. You have booked your customers flights via Galileo and all the land arrangements via a Tour Wholesaler. You have just received a schedule change on the flights. List 3 reasons why you would need to advise these new flight timings to the Tour Wholesaler:
1. ___________________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________________
19. Explain in your own words what is meant by ‘Packaging the Products’.
20. Provide the correct meaning for the following industry terms:
A. Freesale
C. Availability
D. Principal
E. On request
21. Outline the procedure for making a tourism booking request:
22. Explain two reservation systems used by the Tourism Industry including their features:
1. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
23. Prior to booking a holiday for a Customer, you need to identify specific details of each product and service that is required by the Customer. List below what details you need to successfully book the following products:
Car Hire ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
24. What are two different ways you could receive a booking confirmation from a Supplier?
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
25. Name two ways you can reduce the use of printed materials when booking a holiday for a customer:
1. ______________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________
26. How do you decide who is the most effective Supplier to use when booking a holiday for your Customer?
27. Explain your understanding of the following industry terminology and interpret the codes below. Why are these used?
A. 24 hour clock ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2400 = ……..
11.30 am = ……..
0100 = ……..
7.30 pm = ……..
B. Three letter city codes
SIN = …………………………..
BRISBANE = …………………………..
SYDNEY = ………………………….
OOL = ………………………….
28. Outline your understanding of Australian Consumer Law that relates to providing products to Customers. What do these cover?
29. Provide 3 examples of common time constraints and deadlines that apply to tourism bookings:
1. ________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________
30. Why are communication skills so important when discussing your Customer bookings with Suppliers?
31. Fill out the attached booking card based on the following scenario:
1. Your clients, Mr. & Mrs. H. Day are taking their children to the Gold Coast from Sydney to visit friends and have a bit of a break. You have booked the family on QF1512 leaving Sydney at 08:30 and arriving into the Gold Coast at 09:45. They will be there for 7 nights and will be staying at the Mercure Resort in two adjoining rooms at a cost of $120 per room per night. Their return flight is on QF1243 at 07:15, arriving Sydney at 08:45
2. Flights and accommodation booked through Qantas. Reference number or PNR: QBC124. You spoke with Sue-Ann at QF.
3. They will be hiring an Avis Toyota Camry for 7 days at a cost of $63-00 per day (all inclusive). They will be collecting it and dropping it off at the airport. Avis Booking number is L4789G.
4. The client will need to pay for their airline tickets within 72 hours. The costs of the tickets are: $176-00 per person return (adults and children are charged the same price – booked V Class Fare basis VLE6M)
5. They have arrived to book this today (October 21st, 2010). They will be departing for their holiday on Friday November 18th
6. Client’s family is:
Day/Mr Harold/Mrs Holly/Master Patrick/Ms. Val
17/8 Trafalgar Street
Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216
Phone: 02 9599 4079
7. They have agreed to take out family domestic insurance with Travelcover (Plan B) at a cost of $57-00 in total

Offered on / /
Client: Refused/Accepted Cover
Policy No:
Premium: $
Collection Cons.
Init. Date
Tel Home
Tel Work

Flight Class Day Date From To Status Depart
Time Arrive
Time Costing

In Out

In Out


Assessment 3
Assessment Guidelines
What will be assessed – Performance Evidence
The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and
performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:
• manage a budget for a business over a three-month period that meets the specific business’ needs
• undertake at least two of the following to inform management of the above budget:
o discussions with existing suppliers
o evaluation of staffing and rostering requirements
o evaluation of impact of potential roster changes
o review of operating procedures
o sourcing new suppliers
• monitor income and expenditure and evaluate budgetary performance over the above budgetary life cycle
• complete financial reports related to the above budget within designated timelines and using correct budget terminology.
Place/Location where assessment will be conducted
SSH to complete
Resource Requirements
• computers, printers and accounting software packages
• budgets for specific projects, events or operational activities
• Pen, Paper, calculator
• access to and provisions for completion of reports during the budget cycle
Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements
For the purpose of this assessment project you are required to monitor and manage a budget for a business, for example your workplace or as instructed by your trainer, over a 3 month period. You need to complete the following tasks to reflect how you monitor and accordingly manage the budget and its underlying factors that affect performance.
TYPE of Budget: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬___________________________________
Business: ___________________________________
TH&E sector: ___________________________________
Task 1.
Requires you to provide a fortnightly budget report which clearly identifies any under or over performances and the actual and likely reasons for these.
Task 2.
During the monitoring cycle you are required to undertake 2 of the following processes to inform management of the actual budget:
(you clearly need to select these relevant for the performance of your budget; the process you choose will be informed by the type of variance and accordingly, the operational aspect that would need to be investigated)
1. discussions with existing suppliers
2. evaluation of staffing and rostering requirements
3. evaluation of impact of potential roster changes
4. review of operating procedures
5. sourcing new suppliers
Task 3.
You are required to identify any reports, which you need to complete during the 3-month budget cycle. Set the times these are due and complete these reports to the set due dates. Attach each report to this project on completion of the monitoring cycle.
Assessment 2
Your Tasks:
Task 1
Provide a fortnightly budget report which clearly identifies any under or over performances, and the actual and likely reasons for these. Use the table below as a reference list and attach each budget report together with a variance analysis for each to this project
Date Budget Performance/Area Variance Reason Discussion with supervisor Action
Budget Cycle Start
Week 2
Week 4
Week 6
Week 8
Week 10
Week 12
Budget Cycle End
Task 2
During the monitoring cycle you are required to undertake 2 of the following processes to inform management of the actual budget:
(you clearly need to select these relevant for the performance of your budget; for example if your staffing and rostering performs within the budget and service provisions are being met, then it would be unlikely that you would need to reduce staff or cut rosters; if your budget is created on the best quotes received from suppliers and the quality is perfect, then this aspect is likely not one that would be changed)
1. discussions with existing suppliers 0
2. evaluation of staffing and rostering requirements 0
3. evaluation of impact of potential roster changes 0
4. review of operating procedures 0
5. sourcing new suppliers 0
Attach details for each process you have undertaken clearly marked “TASK 2 – process: __________”.
Details for each process selected must include the following details:
(For example if you changed a roster, you need to provide the information why this was done, what the changes will achieve in $ values for the budget, and attach the old and revised roster to this project)
1. Nature of the problem
2. Reason for undertaking the selected process
3. What did you do? Who was involved? What was discussed? What was agreed on? What was achieved in the process?
4. What was changed?
5. How were any changes implemented?

Task 3
Identify any reports, which you need to complete during the 3-month budget cycle. Set the times these are due in the table below and complete these reports to the set due dates.
Attach each report (or a copy) to this project on completion of the monitoring cycle.
Type of report Frequency Due Date(s) Completed by
e.g. Stock Take report monthly end week 4 (insert date)
end week 8 (insert date)
end week 12 (insert date) student (you)
A. Johns, supervisor
student (you)

Marking Guide S NYS Comments
Task 1
Provides a copy of the opening budget
Provides a copy of the closing budget
Provides a budget report for each fortnight
The performance of each category is identified
The variance for each fortnight is identified
The reasons for variance(s) are identified
Variances are communicated with colleagues/ supervisor
Actions are identified where suitable or applicable
Actions are explored and implemented as applicable
Task 2
2 processes are selected to inform management of budget
The processes are suitable for identified budget variances or operational issues
Details are provided what entailed each process
The details for each process selected are complete
The changes investigated are relevant to improve budget performance
The parties involved are identified
Details for communication are provided
The agreed actions are provided
The changes as a result of undertaking process are outlined
The financial benefit/impact on the budget is explained
Where implementation of changes occurs, each process is explained
Task 3
The type of reports to be completed by the business over the budget cycle are identified
The frequency of reports is identified
The frequency for reports is documented and scheduled
Reports are completed as scheduled
A number of different reports were completed by student relevant to the budget:
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
4. ______________________________
Reports or copies for reports are attached to the project
List additional criteria as relevant
Please don’t forget to put your name and student number plus unit name when saving the file!