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The assignment topic is: product and service design development process
Find out the problem and solve it.
Outline of the Assignment is as follows:
Introduction of Operations and Supply Chain Management (Introduction, Importance/Advantages and Disadvantages) 1 PAGE
Discussion of Your Topic. (Why You want to choose this Topic) objective of your project 1 PAGE
Company profile, Problem Identification in Your Topic (Any Problem identify in Your Choosen Topic) and then Discussion of problem and how to solve it. 2 PAGES
Alternatives way of solution of problem ( How many ways You will solve the Problem in Your Choosen Topic At least 2 solution) and Recommendation /Reference 1 PAGE
Conclusion 1 PAGE
Problem identification topic:
Quality and Compliance: Aside from influencing consumer behavior, social media highlights the importance of having high-quality products. Enterprises need to ensure that they meet local and international regulatory standards in manufacturing, packaging, handling, and shipping of their products.

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