Recent Question/Assignment

This assignment requires an application of your learning in this topic as a research essay, which is academic, sholaraly and culturally inclusive. This topic has provided some of the key issues and debates actross interdipsclinary and cross cultural contexts in blended learning envionremnts and some of the key ideas including -the social constructs of 'race'- its relationship to power and how colonisation impacts Australian society today. These are fundemtnal leanring objectives in critical race studies, it enables institutions and organisations to develop cultural and ethical frameworks in culturally safe and inclusive contexts that empower students and professionals to make informed decisions when working with Indigenous Australians. An importtant part of recocniliation and moving forward in unity as a nation.
Task - 1500 word essay using Harvard or APA Refernce Style if written as an academic paper please adhere to general academic conventions of structure and providing credible sources (peer reviewed) in response to the essay question. Your references should be around 10 approx and 2-3 may consit of websources. There is no right or wrong answers, enjoy your research and consider the key Indigenous academics and voices where possible.
Please choose one of the following questions for your essay:
Q1. Race as a Social Construct - Applying to Practice
Demonstrate your understanding of race as social construct and ideology and how this continues to impact Indigenous peoples in Australia.. Provide a brief historical account of how race relates to your discipline or professional practice and what have been some of the most significant issues that will need to be addressed in the future? Please draw from historical, social, cultural, political sources and identify the key Indigenous academics and intellectuals contributing in your dispcline.