Recent Question/Assignment

Activity 1
Identifying change requirements and opportunities
Write a paper of 2,000 words explaining:
1. What things might drive change—strategic and operational—in a business organisation.
2. How the need for change might be identified.
3. The people with whom you might consult to determine and prioritise change requirements, and the reasons why such consultation is necessary.
Activity 2
• Developing change management strategies
Write short answers of 100–500 words, to each of the following questions. Include and submit any change analysis tools, graphs, charts or models you would use when identifying and developing strategies. Conduct appropriate independent research.
• 1.Why is a change management plan necessary?
• 2.How does a cost–benefit analysis relate to high priority change requirements and opportunities?
• 3. What is risk analysis and why is it necessary when making changes?
• 4.From whom might it be necessary to obtain approval and confirmation of proposed changes?
• 5.What barriers might need to be overcome when instigating changes?
• 6. What strategies might help mitigate resistance to change?
• 7. At what stage would it be necessary to assign resources to the project and agree on reporting protocols with relevant managers? Why?
Activity 3
• Implementing change management strategies
Your organisation has decided to make major changes to its customer service function and to the way in which customer service personnel interact with customers. A need for more staff has been identified.
New training procedures will be put in place and the staff will be encouraged to build relationships through face-to-face interaction with customers and as a result of telephone interactions.
It is expected that the relationship building will be documented and supported by electronic communication with customers.
These are all new approaches for your organisation which has, until now, not placed a great deal of emphasis on relationship building.
Customer service staff will be empowered to offer discounts and incentives to some customers. This also is something new.
As a manager you will need to contribute to the development and implementation of a change management strategy.
How will you go about doing this and what specific things will be incorporated into the change management strategy?
Why do you think these things are important?
Develop and document a range of suggested strategies for implementing these changes.
Once implemented the changes should be monitored. Why is this necessary?
Answers should be 1,000 words minimum, 2,000 words maximum.