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Project 4
Your task is to create a bullet chart and any other chart of your choice on Tableau Public for a second dataset (not related to the dataset that you used in the Assignment 11 dataset). You may use information from your flights or your tb database, create a dataset from scratch, or use one of the sample datasets at You may need to perform some data cleanup work (tidying and transformations) on your dataset prior to creating the bullet chart. You should consider in advance what an effective bullet chart requires in terms of dimensions and measures.
Both charts should be displayed at the same time. For this, you must create a dashboard. Instructions for creating a dashboard are here:
Your deliverables are:
1. The URL for your newly created Tableau Public visualization of your dataset.
2. Two or three sentences that describe in “business” (versus technical) terminology any conclusions or insights based on the information shown in your bullet chart.
Inspirational Bullet Charts from previous semester students:
Top chart was created by Douglas Wilson, Spring 2016; Bottom chart was created by John Deblase, Spring 2016