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EDU 560: Assignment 2 (20%)
Semester 2 , 2021
The Unpacking Exercise. (24 marks)
This assignment requires the students to practice the Unpacking exercise stated in the syllabi.
The unpacking process will guide one to successfully arrive at the mini Learning Outcomes (MLO) and successfully write the Learning and Teaching Programme (LTP).
Six steps need to be followed when unpacking outcomes:
1. Refer to a year 9 or year 10 or year 11 syllabi related to your majors.
2. Turn to the Unpacking exercise page that appears towards the last few pages of the syllabi.
3. Study the unpacking exercise before attempting the task.
Your Task
4. Refer to the course content detail of your selected syllabi.
5. Select TWO different strands from the syllabi.
6. Select a sub-strand from the two selected strands (5 above)
7. Select a content learning outcome (CLO) from the two chosen sub-strands (6 above).
8. Follow the six steps of the unpacking exercise. You are to write and show all the six steps. (12 marks – 2 marks for each step) x 2
9. You will be submitting two unpacking exercises of two different strands.
10. The Dropbox will appear under ‘ My Assessment.’
11. Due date: Week 14 Mon 25th October.
Submission Instructions:
A. Edit your work and try to use your own words when writing your answers.
B. All answers must be typed.
C. The acceptable plagiarism rate is 20%. A similarity rate between:
• 21-30% will incur a penalty of 3 marks,
• 31-40% will incur a penalty of 6 marks,
• 41-50% will incur a penalty of 9 marks,
• 51-60% will incur a penalty of 12 marks,
• 61-70% will incur a penalty of 15 marks,
• 71- 80% will incur a penalty of 18 marks,
• 81-100% will not be marked.