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Please select one current, key IT/business topic from the list below and prepare a comprehensive management briefing in how you will be able to expand the company's operations in the following areas:
- Crowdfunding
- Rapid Prototyping (eg. 3D Printing)
- The Internet of Things
Part 1 - Provide an overview of the topic selected; identify its strategic importance to the organisation and/or to industry; discuss the opportunities and benefits it can bring to the organisation and/or industry; and give a considered overview of the issues and potential problems associated with its use. You should also include any other factors that you believe are relevant to your management report on the topic.
Part 2 - Recommend a broad implementation plan for the introduction and implementation of the selected key IT/business topic within your selected organisation.
The overall aim of the report is to bring your management audience completely up-to-date in all aspects of your selected key IT/business topic. Case study examples of how other organisations have used the selected topic/technology should be a helpful part of your report. Your recommended implementation plan should be a high-level management plan for the organisation, not a detailed project plan. [Financials and technical specifications are not required.]
This report relates to this subject’s third and fourth learning objectives:
Be able to critically analyse and select appropriate innovative information technologies that can be used to strategically transform organisations.
Be able to critically evaluate an organisation's strategic IT management processes; and create procedural knowledge documentation for continued improvement recommendations

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