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Background You should read the report “CQU Information and Communications Technology Corporate Plan (2012-2014)[1]”. This report states
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is undergoing a raft of transformations in industry and in the higher education sector:
• Consumerisation of IT including mobile technologies.
• Social media.
• Cloud computing.
• Online collaboration technologies.
• Elevated security threats.
• Demand for ubiquitous access to online information.
• Exponential increase in the demand for video-enhanced communication and content (the “YouTube” and Skype generations“.
After consideration of this paper the Information Technology Directorate of the university have identified the following significant questions:
• What ICT services should the university seek to offer through mobile devices?
• What ICT Governance requirements should the university seek to address when offering these mobile-based services?
Assume that you have been contracted to address the current (2014) ICT Infrastructure requirements of this university within the context of the two questions asked above..
Objectives The objectives of this assignment are to produce an ICT Infrastructure Proposal Report for the Information Technology Directorate of the university that seeks to address the above two questions while also addressing the specific intended learning outcomes (1, 2 & 5) for this assignment.
To produce an ICT Infrastructure Proposal Report in the report format in the supplied template.
You are required to produce a report that addresses the above two questions in the form of an ICT Infrastructure Proposal.
You should keep to the scope of the report.
You may include any relevant assumptions about the university, but must include those assumptions as explicit statements in your report.

Relationship of Assessment Criteria to Intended Learning Outcomes
Through this report students need to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to:
1. Explain current trends in ICT infrastructure and their impacts on ICT infrastructure management;
2. Demonstrate an awareness of current ICT governance frameworks and their relevance to the development of ICT infrastructure management plans and proposals;
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the role and importance of ICT service provision and acquisition in the responsibilities of an ICT infrastructure manager.
Assessment Criteria This assignment will be assessed according to the following weighted criteria:
• Achievement of the Assignment Objectives [30%]
• Demonstration of Learning Outcome 1 [20%]
• Demonstration of Learning Outcome 2 [20%]
• Demonstration of Learning Outcome 5 [20%]
• Achievement of the Generic Skills criteria will apply to the degree of understanding, and quality of content, structure and presentation of the assignment submission [10%]
Assessment The assessment of Assignment A02 counts 30% towards the total mark for the subject.
Late Penalty 10% of maximum marks per working day by which the submission of assignment exceeds the due submission date.

Rules for Assignment A02

Report medium: Your report should be prepared as a MS-Word document or equivalent. In your Word document, please include hyperlinks to any web pages referenced in your report.
References: You must include a Reference list at the end of your report. Entries in the Reference list should be sorted alphabetically by author, then by year of publication for works by the same author(s). Every single idea you borrow from someone else should be cited in your Reference list, and where possible should include the page number from the source. Quotations, if used, should be in quotation marks (“…”) and should be EXACT.
You MUST use Harvard style referencing.
Expected time: Approximately 40 hours of work

Submission: Your report should be prepared and submitted as a MS-Word or PDF document, electronically via the Learning Management System.
Marks: 30% of the total assessment for the Subject (Expected average mark: 75%)
Late Penalty 10% of maximum marks per working day late.
Feedback You may submit your draft report for written feedback up until 3 days prior the deadline for submission of the report.

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