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CIS8011_Digital Innovation
Assignment 2 (30%) (1500 words
This assignment continues from the first assignment and your task is to write a report
on the following aspects.
Following on from the previous assignment, the CIO was comfortable with what has
been proposed by you in the first assignment and would like to see three key elements
be investigated and reported further in this assignment.
• The processes and procedural considerations for implementing the
technology in XYZ.
• A detailed analysis of implications if the organisations fail to understand the
risks you identified in the previous report?
For the purpose of this assignment, you will have to recap your previous assignment
(in 250 words) and then provide a well-researched and informed report to the CIO.
For this assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism application to ensure that this assignment is
plagiarism-free. Please note that the report generation can take time through TURNITIN and you
are asked to submit your assignment through TURNITIN well in advance to avoid last minute
delays. Normally, it is hard to put the percentage number correctly as it all depends on the actual
report contents produced by the TRUNITIN application. As a general rule, less than 15% is
acceptable. It is the student’s responsibility to have the report ready before the due date. (If you
do not provide this you will lose marks)
Digital file naming convention
For all assessment items digital file naming convention: When you have an assessment
item you
need to upload digitally, please use the following naming convention when saving
your digital document: (If you do not follow this you will lose marks)
Student last name_assignment #_CIS8011_Student USQ ID
For example, the first assignment for CIS8011 submitted by John Smith, student #
005890420163. If I (Mr. John Smith) were uploading this assessment item, the file
would be named as follows:
File format and submission
Only PDF format of the final report is to be submitted through EASE system only,
available through UConnect. (All other mode of submissions are inadequate and the
assignment will be considered not submitted)

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