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Hi can I get quote for three below mentioned assignements? The course is post graduate certificate in intensive care nursing.
Assessment: Annotated Bibliography
You are required to complete an annotated bibliography including three (3) articles that you have sourced on one key national or global issue impacting on population health and health service provision.
Weight: 20
Individual/Group: Individual
Due (indicative): Early semester
Related Unit learning outcomes: 1
Assessment: Analytical Essay
Evaluate how a contemporary issue is impacting on local nursing practice in your specialty area (Intensive care). Provide ethical and culturally safe recommendations to guide practice improvement related to this issue. Ensure that quality evidence is used to justify the issue and to support your recommended strategies.
Weight: 50
Individual/Group: Individual
Due (indicative): Mid to late semester
Related Unit learning outcomes: 2, 3
Assessment: Poster
You will create a poster based on your analytical essay topic from assessment 2. Your poster should be prepared for professional peer audience. This assessment requires you to review feedback provided by the marker on your analytical essay and make improvements (if any) as suggested.
Weight: 30
Individual/Group: Individual
Due (indicative): End of semester
Related Unit learning outcomes: 3, 4

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