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Unit Code: Consumer Behaviour
Assessment 4 – self-reflective summary (1200 words)
Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
1. Understand the concepts in consumer behaviour in relation to products/services
2. Explain about the consumer behaviour theories
3. Analyse the consumer behaviour purchasing process
4. Differentiate the psychological and social factors influencing consumer behaviour;
5. Apply the factors influencing consumer behaviour on the decision-making process
Consumer purchase behaviour is influenced by different factors (for example personal factors, psychological factors, culture, social factors, etc). Write a self-reflective summary on how, as a consumer, your purchase of shopping products (e.g., perfume, jeans etc) might be different in the Covid 19 situation. Base your answers on relevant consumer behaviour theories from the textbooks and journals. You must give references for all the statements you give in your answer. This essay covers the broader understanding of this unit, incorporating the specific unit learning outcomes: the application of knowledge, reflective thinking, analytical thinking, and application skill and knowledge.
A minimum of FIVE (5) references is recommended in work being presented for assessment. Unless otherwise specifically instructed by your Lecturer or as detailed in the Unit Outline for the specific Assessment Task, any paper with less than five (5) references may be deemed not meeting a satisfactory standard and possibly be failed. Content in Assessment tasks that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalised.

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