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Course Code / Name: POLS1701, Introduction to International Inequality and Development
Exam type: Take Home
Submission time: Between 09-Jun (8:00AM) and 10-Jun (8:00AM)
• Your answers should be in the form of an essay.
• Given the nature of the task, students can use books, journal articles, library resources etc (must reference it all) add page numbers on in-text reference. The exam questions will be based on topics covered in the course.
Essays should follow a conventional essay format with a clear structure, arguments organised into proper paragraphs, an introduction, body, and conclusion. Work should be referenced throughout (including page numbers where relevant), but students should not get hung up on every detail of the referencing system (such as commas vs colons etc).
Total word limit for both questions combined: 1500 words
(Approximately 750 words per question).
Exam Questions: Answer TWO questions in the form an essay (each essay 750 words only)
1. Development is generally conceived in state-centred terms. Is this problematic or justified?
2. Critically discuss the relationship between development, inequality and global sporting events.

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