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Designing a solution for Shine Dental Clinic (Network Solution)
Tom & Steph has recently opened a new clinic “Shine Dental” in Sydney, Australia. They are committed to provide quality dental services to people of all age group.
They have four (4) full-time surgeons using surgery rooms, (4) assistants, who will be working with the surgeons while they are performing surgery and, (3) receptionists/admin staff, who will be performing daily management of paperwork, admin, client consulting and also handle front desk.
The area for the new office is 250 sqm approximately. For detail dimensions and floorplan refer to Figure 1
The clinic requires 8 workstations, 1 server and a printer and needed to be installed at the following locations:
• One reception desk with space for to place 2 computers (Workstation 5 & 6),
• One small consulting room (Workstation 7)
• One server room with an extra space to place an additional computer (Server, Workstation 8) • Four surgery rooms (Workstation 1 – 4)
The entire floor divided with each other by drywall sheets. Office is fully furnished. (except computers, networking devices and cabling)
The owner of “Shine Dental” has purchased eight (8) desktop computers of the same type. Table 1 shows the sample specification.
Desktops x 8
Acer Aspire TC-series Desktop Processor Brand/Type AMD A10-7800
Wired Networking Gigabit Ethernet
Connectivity 1xHDMI, 1xVGA,
4xUSB 2.0, RJ45 3xUSB3.0,
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Table 1
The owner of “Shine Dental” has also purchased one (1) server, eight (8) monitors to be connected with desktops & four (4) overhead screens, with the specifications provided in Table 2, Table 3 and Table 4 simultaneously for your reference.
Server x 1
Acer TS-series Server Processor Brand/Type Intel Processor
Wired Networking Gigabit Ethernet
Connectivity 1xHDMI, 1xVGA,
4xUSB 2.0, RJ45 3xUSB3.0,
Operating System Windows 2012 R2
Table 2
Monitors x 8 Specifications
BenQ BL2400 series Brand BenQ
Display LED-TN
Dimension 579 x 213 x 502 mm
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Connectivity HDMI, D-sub
Display size 24”
Table 3
Overhead screens x 4
Sony 3200 series Brand Sony
Display LED
Dimension 731.8 x 87.3 x 435 mm
Display resolution 1280 x 720, 1366 x 768
Connectivity DVI, USB, Ethernet, Antenna in
Display size 32”
Table 4
Figure 1
In addition to the computers, he has also wanted to purchase one LaserJet multifunction printer for print/copy/scan/fax. The printer should have USB 2.0, Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi(n) and other prominent printing and scanning features.
All computers/server has got a dedicated screen, in addition to that, there are 4 additional overhead screens attached in the 4 surgery rooms, for patients to view local TV channels while dental surgery is being performed on the patients. Those 4 screens are also to be attached to the main computers in the surgery room, so that when surgeons need to display x-rays to show their patients laying on the bed, patients do not need to get off the bed to see what the x-rays would look like. Doctors should be able to display x-rays on the overhead screen for patients, but simply changing the input on TV, your job is to connect the overhead screen/TV to the computer as extended display or mirror, and to the Antenna.
You are also required to set up backup for all the computers/server, all the backups should run each night and should get stored at one physical location within the premises, and a copy of the local backup has to be stored on to the cloud utilizing one of the cloud services. As a consultant you can choose any cloud service of your choice but must provide justification for your recommendation.
Assume that you have been hired as a network technician to help in the design and deployment of this network.
Perform the following tasks to support this.
Task 1
To inter-connect the desktop computers and connect the overhead screens/TV with the computers and TV antenna, you have decided to use a wired network. What is the main transmission media, connectors, adaptors you would use for this? For your recommendation of media, consider and explain the following criteria:
• Speed
• Length
• Ease of installation
• Compatibility with intermediary devices
Your answer must also include transmission media, connectors, adaptors, and other necessary devices to help you implement this successfully.
Note: When answering Task 1, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 1
Task 2
Waiting customers should be able to access “Shine Dental” Wi-Fi network for internet usage. What devices will you need to extend your wired network to support wireless devices with maximum speed and to make sure that customers using “Shine Dental” internet do not cause interruption to the clinic’s network? Justify your answer.
Note: When answering Task 2, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 2
Task 3
In addition to the workstations and server, the multifunctional printer needs to be connected to the network. Would you connect it via a wired media or the wireless media? Justify your answer. Recommend a make and model of the multifunctional printer as per the customer requirement.
Note: When answering Task 3, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 3
Task 4
Complete Table 5 to assign suitable static IP version 4 addresses to the devices (with subnet mask) to the devices on the network. You have decided to go with the class C private IP address range (except where it is clearly indicated otherwise). You need to complete 3rd column of Table 5.
Device IP address IP address with subnet mask
Workstation_1 (Surgery1)
1st usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation_2 (Surgery2)
2nd usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _3 (Surgery3)
4th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _4 (Surgery4)
5th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _5 (Fdesk1)
7th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _6 (Fdesk2)
8th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _7 (Consulting)
10th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Workstation _8 (BDesk)
11th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Server_9 (Server)
14th usable IP address 192.168.30._ ? _ /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Printer /24
255.255.255._ ? _
Table 5
Note: When answering Task 4, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 4
Task 5
Implement the network topology (Figure 2 is a partial design to assist you) using packet tracer. You need to consider the following.
• All devices (Server, workstations & printer etc.) mentioned in table 5 are labelled and have their IP addresses and subnet mask configured, (as per your answer in Task 4)
• Select the appropriate media in packet tracer, label the media type and use the switch 2960 with 24 ports and two gigabit uplink ports to interconnect the Desktops
• Connect workstation_5 and workstation_6 to one of the “5 port switch” of your choice & connect the switch to the 24-port switch
• A standard wireless access-point is added and configured with security. This wireless access-point should be then connected to the 24-port switch via a suitable wired media.
• Printer is configured and connected to the previously added “5 port switch”
Figure 2
Note: When answering Task 5, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 5
Task 6
Test the network using a suitable network utility and verify that workstation_7 can communicate with other workstations and servers. Provide screenshots to verify that you have used the suitable tools for this purpose. Use command line utility only to test the connectivity
Note: When answering Task 6, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 6
Task 7
Configure the most secure protocol (available in packet tracer) to authenticate three newly hired part-time employees’ “Jason”, “John” & “Steph”, assign 21st , 36th and 43rd usable IP addresses respectively. Users should be able to easily differentiate the network prior to connecting to the office network. Provide screen shots and justify.
Label Jason’s laptop as “jason_laptop”, John’s laptop as “john_laptop” and Steph’s laptop as “steph_laptop” and configure in packet tracer.
Note: When answering Task 7, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 7.
Task 8
Assume that Workstation_5 (consulting room) is a Linux box. You have run common command line tools and receive the following output:
Figure 3
Use Figure 3 above to answer the following questions:
1. What is the IP version 4 address of this machine?
2. What is the IP version 6 address of this machine?
3. What is the MAC address of this machine?
4. What is the default gateway?
5. Ping command gives following error below and site cannot be opened, give possible explanations, provide solution if any.
Note: When answering Task 8, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 8.
Task 9
Assume that the network has been physically setup as you have demonstrated in your packet tracer file (created in task 8). Users have complained that none of them can print. Using the packet tracer file troubleshoot this issue and identify what might be causing this. Assume that the printer is a mechanically functional printer and has no physical defect.
Identify and discuss, answer should be based on Task 4.
Note: When answering Task 9, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 9.
Task 10
“Shine Dental” needs to store an image of all workstations and server in one location. Backups need to run each night, 2 copies of the backups need to be maintained at Shine Dental premises, and another copy will be stored on the cloud.
You have decided to install NAS (Network Attached Storage) as a solution. How many hard drives would you install in NAS and what raid Level would you use & why? Provide a cost-effective solution for the business, performance is not important.
What media would you use to connect NAS to the network and how would you connect it.
For demonstration purposes you can include a server in packet tracer and label it as NAS and assign it 56th usable IP address to NAS. You must provide a relevant screenshot as an example.
Note: When answering Task 10, please refer to assessment marking criteria for Task 10.
On completion, submit the solutions to these tasks via the Upload link in CSE1SIX Assessment: Networking Assignment on the Learning Portal. You should submit the following:
• Submit your Cisco Packet Tracer based project, named xxx_cse1six_assessment2.pkt (where xxx is your student number).
• Submit your answers to the relevant tasks in a single Word document named xxx_cse1six_assessment2.docx (where xxx is your student number) with clearly labelled headings for each task.