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Assessment 2: Strategic Change ProjectValue50%
Length 3000 words (±10%, excluding end-text reference list)
Format Written with 1½ line spacing, Times New Roman size 12 font, and APA referencing style
Due Date & Time Monday 31 May (before midnight)How to Submit Electronically, via Blackboard Assessments Turnitin link
Unit Learning Outcomes
•Apply personal autonomy and accountability in the execution of a substantial research or industry project.
•Synthesize relevant perspectives and skills with initiative and/or creativity in strategic organisational change contexts.
Course Learning Outcomes
CLO5.1. Examine and assess the intended and unintended impacts on diverse stakeholders
CLO5.2. Provide professional opinions or interpretations of human resource management matters applying ethical principles, codes of conduct and values.
Before starting this assessment, you should familiarise yourself with the strategic change modules of this unit, including class activities and the textbook readings.
a) Conduct an analysis of your current organisation or one that you have worked in previously and identify one (1) specific aspect of this organisation that requires improvement and could be changed, and justify why.(½of the marks)
b)Apply a change management model and refer to relevant theory to explain the key considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that this change initiative is implemented successfully.(½of the marks)
To perform satisfactorily in this assignment, consider the following:
•All aspects of the question are addressed and researched in depth.
•The analysis is thoughtful, logical, and shows insight into the subject.
•Specific aspects of relevant theories are explicitly considered.
•Relevant academic literature is referenced to support the arguments.
•Clearly addresses specific issues and avoids vague generalisations.
•All aspects of the work conform to a high academic / professional standard.
•Clearly written, with an effective introduction and conclusion.
Please refer to the marking rubric on Blackboard for this assessment to see criteria and performance expectations.
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