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POLS1301 - Introduction to Political Ideas
• Take Home Exam - Due Date: 08 Jun 21 9:00AM – 11:59PM
Task Description:
- The Take Home Exam is designed to assess your knowledge of—and critical engagement with—the full range of ideas studied in the course.
- It will consist of a mix of short-answer questions (150-250 words) and a short essay (600 words). Approximate words required for each question will be indicated on the exam paper.
• Part A: 5 Short Answer Questions 200 words; 4 marks each
• Part B: 1 Short Essay Question 500 words; 10 marks

• There is no expectation you do independent research beyond the core course content, which includes Heywood (2017).
• If you do use another source, you must reference it.
What is the difference between socialist and liberal views of equality? (200 words; 4 marks)
The Brief Answer:
“Liberal ideas are based in equality of freedom and rights; Socialist ideas are based on social and material equality.” (20 words)
The Full Answer:
Would explain the key terms, in original words, to show you really understand what all that means. It would given a substantive question to the question.
Part A – 200 words each - Short Answer Questions; 4 marks each
1. What are the defining features of a Republic?
2. What, if anything, is there to Conservatism other than reactionary pragmatism?
3. What is patriarchal oppression; what might a liberal, socialist, and conservative response be to it?
4. What is the difference between anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric environmentalism; do animals and rocks have intrinsic value?
5. Considered as ideologies, what are the differences between Fascism and Nationalist Populism?
Part B – 500 words Short Essay Question; 10 marks
6. What is for a person to be politically free? (Your discussion ought to include a critical discussion of at least four ideas of political liberty that have been discussed in the course.)