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Assessment Task Develop and Present a Sustainability Policy
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. Outcomes Assessed Performance Criteria: 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.5,1.6,1.7, 2.1, 2.2 Also addresses some elements of required skills and knowledge as shown in the Assessment Matrix
Writing a sustainability policy requires a clear and through understanding of business activities, environmental impact of business activities, requirements of respective laws and standards, and sustainability outcomes of an organisation. Sustainability goals are an integral part of an organisation's strategic and business plans
In this assessment task, you will be required to develop (write) and present a Sustainability Policy for an organisation your choice. Organisation can be your past or present organisation. Alternatively, you may use any organisation with a likely/expected environmental footprint. In today's technology-enhanced business environment, sustainability issues impact almost every organisation.
UTMOST care should be taken to avoid plagiarism - especially in lifting and using policy contents or documents from the internet.
Based on your selected organisational profile, develop;
¦ A brief summary of the organisation and its business activities
¦ Why sustainability is important for the organisation
¦ Specific business area/function where sustainable practices are critical
¦ Key sustainability principles and/or philosophy
¦ Policy goals and objectives
¦ Scope of the policy
¦ Key stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities
¦ Relevant laws and standards, including equal employment opportunity, equity and diversity principles and OHS implications of policy being developed
¦ Industry best practice (e.g. examples of what other similar organisations are doing in this area - at least two such organisations)
¦ Expected outcomes
¦ Methods for implementation (your recommendations)
You may use examples of policy document structures from the sample documents provided. All external sources must be cited using an appropriate referencing system.