Recent Question/Assignment

The amount of the report is limited to 5 pages of A4 paper per company.
It should be divided into one page summary and four pages of the main text.
? The summary is a one-page proposal concept, and it is composed by connoting the entire content of the proposal.
2. Cover and bibliography pages are separate
? Attached data can be configured separately from the report body/cover/references
? The report title should be ‘XXX Technical Analysis Report’.
3. In the case of the main body, the use of figures/tables is limited to 3 or less each.
4. Subject: Select 2 different fields from 60 promising technology ventures as companies to be benchmarked,
? Business background of the company, ? Core technologies and products, ? Differentiation strategy of the target company,
? Summary of core technology patents (Part 1) (progressiveness/differentiation), ? Consideration (strengths/disadvantages)
* When submitting the report, the referenced patent literature (pdf) file must be submitted together.
5. Main criteria for evaluation
1) Sincerity of writing
2) Specificity of target company's differentiation strategy analysis and reference citation level (objectivity)
3) Understanding of core technology patents (core-centered summary of inventive step/differentiation)
4) Level of consideration (my thoughts on the pros and cons of the proposed technology and the prospect of the market)

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