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you are required to generate a range of new product ideas. The new product ideas may be creative and perhaps difficult to
commercialise. They may or may not be commercially feasible. Your lecturer will discuss your
ideas in the tutorial and select the best new innovations as the basis of your marketing
management report.
Your group has been tasked to write a marketing management report. You need to define your
organisational mission and objectives. You will need to analyse the external business
environment (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Demographic, Natural and
Legal) in order to analyse the opportunities and threats facing your new product. You need to
conduct the following marketing analyses: SWOT, Target Segments, Positioning, Marketing
Objectives, and Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place and Promotion). Your report must also
include an Executive Summary, Table of Content, Evaluation and Control, Conclusion and
Reference List.
You are required to conduct extensive research using business databases, academic journals,
industry reports and the Australian Bureau of Statistics database. You need to provide
references when you use information from other authors, reports and sources. References
should include at least, three textbooks, three academic articles and three business databases.
The product has been selected.
We have to discuss and launch smart glasses or computer glasses named as E-Vision.
These glasses have wifi, 4G and all other latest technology that a smart phone has.
Assignment is of 3000 words and needs 30 references.
Each segmentation has to be explained and a target segment is to be choosed.
A positioning statement is needed at the end.
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