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Assignment Topic
Your assignment should be 2,500 words in length (10% allowance), appropriately referenced using the Harvard Reference Style. This assignment is split into two parts:
Section 1: (approx. 1250 Words)
This first is a reflective activity which requires you to critically examine a leadership scenario (single critical incident, dilemma or challenge which you have identified and reflected on throughout your career journey). During this reflection you are required to consider:
How the role and nature of the organisation affected the leadership approach.
What knowledge, skills and behaviours were required.
How the response could have been improved.
Section 2: (approx. 1250 Words)
In the second part, you are required to develop a 12-month personal development plan considering the development of your leadership skill set.
Throughout, you may wish to draw from:
The outcomes of your reflection in part one.
The results of a leadership assessment/ diagnostic tool.
Professional diary or journal.
Professional guidelines.

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