Recent Question/Assignment

FORMAT: REPORT (Please refer to the Curtin library online for 'Report Format').
Week 9 Monday April 26 2021, 11:55 PM (AWST)

Word Limit: 2000 words
• All sections except the title page, table of content, reference list and appendices are included in the word count.
• Intext reference are included in the word count.
• Students are allowed to go over or under the word count by 10%.
• Please refer to the library guides for report format.
(1) Submit via Turnitin:
• Turnitin can be accessed via the 'Assessment' section on the Blackboard.
• Two tabs have been created in Turnitin; the Draft and the Final tab.
• Students are given opportunities to submit draft copy of their assignment to the DRAFT tab for which they will receive an originality report.
• Students are encouraged to submit the draft copy of the assignment to the DRAFT tab and use the feedback from the originality report (that will be emailed to students) to amend the assignment to ensure that plagiarism has not occurred.
• Students are also advised to exercise extreme caution when submitting into the FINAL tab as there is only ONE opportunity to upload the correct copy which will be marked.
• There is no acceptable maximum percentage for Turnitin. Turnitin is merely a tool for checking similarities between documents and is therefore not an indication of plagiarism. Students may have a high percentage match but they may also have referenced appropriately in which case the student will be penalised for the inability to demonstrate independent thought – this is not plagiarism. On the other hand, students may have a low percentage match but can be considered to have plagiarised if they did not acknowledge the sources accordingly.
(2) Extension: All assignment extension requests must be submitted via the AES, link to which is available on Student OASIS. No personal email requests in this regard are anticipated.
(3) Late submission: A penalty of ten percent per calendar day is applied for late submissions.

• The assignments must be typed with 1.5 line spacing, and a 2.5cm margin at the top and bottom of the page, and on the right-hand and left-hand sides.
• You should use 12 point font for the text (14 point font for headings, if you like), Times New Roman (preferred)
• The assignments should be grammatically correct and well punctuated.
• As a tertiary level students, a high standard of written English is expected.
• Your assignments should be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read.
• Your essay needs to be well structured and coherent such that it clearly communicates insightful and critical thinking in relation to HR issues.

• Please note that the referencing style for this unit is Chicago (17th B edition). Please refer to the Curtin library page for link to the referencing style.
• The minimum amount of academic (peer-reviewed HRM focused journal articles) sources is 10. This includes the prescribed or any one text book. (This means 9 peer reviewed journal artilcles plus the textbook).
• Soft internet sources, magazines, videos, blogs etc, are not counted as peer reviewed resources. However, they may be used outside the minimum of 10 compulsory peer reviewed sources.
• Students will need to check their assignments to ensure that they have referenced correctly. Failure to reference correctly and adequately could result in plagiarism.