Recent Question/Assignment

This assessment task requires you to examine a health issue from the list below (National Health Priority Areas)
o Dementia
o Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions
o Injury prevention and control
Part A
Describe the impact of the health issue at the level of the individual, the community, and the population.
Part B
Outline one key point where changes can be made for each of the following: the individual, the community, and the population. The identified changes should encompass the role of the nurse.
Part C
Develop an action plan, using evidence based research, to address your chosen health issue targeting one key area of change that you outlined in part B. Here, you will utilise a health promotion planning cycle identifying health promotion and illness prevention strategies in the design.
Due date: 14th April 2021, 0900hrs
Weighting: 50%
Length and/or format: 1500 words +/-10%
Purpose: This assessment task requires you to examine a community health issue and identify key points where changes can be made. An understanding of what is possible is required by any health care professional when approaching an issue if they are to plan for a genuine outcome.
Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2, LO3
How to submit: Turnitin, PDF format only
Return of assignment: Feedback and marks will be returned to you via Turnitin in accordance with ACU policy
Assessment criteria: Outlined in Appendix A. A national zoom session will be held, and recorded, to support your understanding of the requirements of the assessment item. An announcement will be made on LEO regarding the date of this session.