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Type: Marketing management strategy
Length: 2000 words
Weighting: 40%
Due date: End of Week 3 (Sunday 11.59pm 31/1/21
Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Your assessment submission should include a cover page. Download the Cover page template (DOCX 12 KB).
Work-based skills
By completing this task, you will demonstrate that you are able to able to:
Articulate and justify a fully-rationalised preliminary marketing management strategy including segmentation, targeting and positioning
Outline a plan based upon marketing research and awareness of the situation (macro, micro, consumer behaviour and competitors)
Develop marketing objectives for operational marketing activity and plan management
Evaluate the viability of a new product or service based upon consumer research and marketing analysis techniques
Explain and evaluate strategic rationale behind various preliminary marketing decisions and consider the coordination of these plans
Develop a fully rationalised preliminary marketing management strategy for a selected organisation/brand/product of your choice. This must be for a new product or service launch (i.e., you cannot analyse an existing product, or a past launch plan). The purpose of this task is to also draw on the activities and readings of the unit to justify your course of action. Do not describe and explain marketing mix components (this follows in Assessment 3).
Complete this assessment drawing purely on publicly available information, research databases, including your own independent research. You can also contact the organisation for insights, especially if you currently work for them, or have networks available to you.
Evaluate the viability of your new product/service/brand based upon sound market and consumer research processes. This must include:
Your brand’s/company’s concept proposition
An external (PESTLE) analysis
And a near environment analysis (industry, competitors).
Include a Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning (STP) analysis emphasising value creation, loyalty, retention and identification of the most desirable segments of the strategy.
Develop a set of marketing management objectives, based on the SMARTT framework to guide your plan. Do this by consolidating your viability analysis and STP explanation.
Use the sample template: A2 Marketing management strategy template (DOCX 22 KB)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2410 words including References

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