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Contemporary Legal Issues
- Summative assessment task 3
Summative Assessment Task 3
Written assignment (Individual)
Brief description of assessment task An individual written assignment based on a topic SEXTING.
An individual written assignment based on a topic developed by you, which further develops the proposal previously submitted by you and that was approved by the lecturers.
Must critically analyze the 5 key references identified and explain their significance in detail.
Detail of student output A 3000 word written assignment due by 8pm on 06 February 2021 (AEST).
Topic: Cyber Abuse – SEXTING - focusing on the substantive criminal offences that seek to regulate online abuse as well as the investigative, legal and enforcement challenges in this area of the law.
Students will have the opportunity to:
? Identify and understand various forms of online abuse
? Understand the impact of this abuse on victims as well as the motivation and characteristics of perpetrators
? Analyse criminal offences most relevant to regulating online abuse
? Consider some of the investigative and evidential difficulties concerning online unlawful activities