Recent Question/Assignment

A. Write a paragraph using TEEL (Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, Example and Link) structure.
B. Read and FIND the HEDGING or Cautious Language in the authentic academic text below..
This study has a few limitations. Firstly, we excluded 25% of the households from analysis because of missing information on either income or BMI. It is unlikely that such missing information is related to price elasticity or purchase behaviour [...] however, it may have resulted in some bias for the pooled values across groups. [...] Secondly, the baseline daily energy purchase estimates are sample average estimates that do not consider age or sex of the household members who could have different energy requirements. [...] Thirdly, we used a static model for weight loss based on changes in energy consumption, which might not fully reflect actual mechanisms of weight change. [...] Fourthly, the study does not reflect on the substitution of nutrients alongside changes in energy. For example, reduction in energy from high sugar snacks could lead to substitution of other foods that are lower in energy content but perhaps higher in other nutrients of concern, such as saturated fats or salt. The health impacts of such substitutes should be further analysed and considered in the decision making process around food price policies. Furthermore, the satiety index of sugary snacks can vary greatly: some high sugar snacks could reduce overeating at meals, hence the overall impact of reduced consumption of high sugar snacks would be partly cancelled out by consumption of larger portions during mealtimes. Studies of sugary drinks only would be prone to this phenomenon, as the satiety effect of sugar sweetened beverages is generally low.50 Fifthly, we assumed that all food purchased was consumed, which is unlikely, and some food will inevitably be waste. However, although the link between purchasing and consumption is far from perfect, it is strong (eg,51), and our estimates on the effect of price rises on change in energy purchased is likely to be similar to that on consumption even if absolute values differ.
C. Create quotation of the following original ideas (Both in the body of sentence and in the bracket).
1. Although conflict maybe common in the classroom, when it elevates to the level of disruption for others in the classroom, actions must be taken to seek resolution. To understand disruptive behavior, we need to clarify what makes a behavior disruptive and view it from the perspectives of the parties involved.
Azad Ali and Dorothy Gracey. (2013) Dealing with Student Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom – A Case Example of the Coordination between Faculty and Assistant Dean for Academics. Issue in informing science and information technology Vol. 10. Vania, Indiana, PA, page 61
2. Changes in language teaching methods throughout history have reflected a shift of focus from reading and writing proficiency to oral proficiency.
Hedge. Tricia. (2000) Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom. 1 st
edition. New York: Oxford University Press. page.101
3. Herringbone technique helps students understand the connections between supporting details to identify a main idea. It is used for establishing supporting details for a main idea and designed to help students locate the main idea of a selection
Mcknight, K. S.(2010). Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizer:100 Reproducible Organizers That Help Kids with Reading, Writing, and the Content Areas. San Fransisco: Jossey-Bass. Page. 98
4. Creativity is necessary to facilitate effective teaching in the daily teaching learning process where a teacher is able to overcome common problems faced by learners, such as being frightened to ask question or to do presentation,
Halliwell, S. (1993). Teacher Creativity and teacher education. In Bridges, D. (Ed). Developing teachers professionally: reflections for initial and in-service trainers. Roudlege. Page. 59
D. Read the following original texts carefully and then paraphrase them with the style of in the body of sentence or in bracket
1. “Teacher creativity is essential to facilitate effective learning (Manurung, 2012)”
2. Arifin (2007) states “Grammar teaching now also addresses oral skill in addition to the usual practice of teaching grammar for reading and writing purposes.”
3. “Females alter their identity to avoid harassment, including sexual harassment (Turkle, 1995).”
E. Read the original text below and then you should sum up all texts with two styles (in the body of paragraph and in bracket).
1. Maicusí (2000) argues that in learning process, errors have always been regarded negatively, and must be avoided. As a result, teachers tend to show a repressive attitude to their students. On one hand, errors are considered as a failure of teaching process and on the other hand, they are seen as a natural result that can hardly be avoided, so we should deal and learn from them.
2. Chapman (1989) states :
“that in view of the role writing plays in people's academic, vocational, social, and personal lives, the development of students' ability to write is a main priority of schooling. Since educators can use writing to stimulate students' higher-order thinking skills--such as the ability to make logical connections, to compare and contrast solutions to problems, and to adequately support arguments and conclusions--authentic assesment seems to offer excellent criteria for teaching and evaluating writing.”