Recent Question/Assignment

Please read carefully the case -GoodBelly - using statistics to justify the marketing expense- and use the data prepared for the case.
Please elaborate an individual report that will answer the question below (to be uploaded via Turnitin submission link). Please attach the excel file with all the computations (to be uploaded via excel submission link)
1. Analyze the proposed 8 explanatory variables and assess which of them on the individual basis is the best predictor of the weekly sales (20 points)
2. Build a statistical model that explain the relationship between sales and promotional effort and interpret the regression output
• start will all the explanatory variables and analyze the output – can we improve the model? (10 points)
• For the best mode you choose please assess (20 points):
i. the quality of the model,
ii. interpret the estimated coefficients
iii. the statistical significance of the proposed explanatory variables.
3. Does the in-store demo program boost the sales? If so, for how long does the sales lift last? (10 points)
4. Does the placement of the product within the store affect the sales (endcap variable)? (10 points)
5. Is the popularity of the product limited to the healthy-conscious people? (10 points)
6. What other factors affect the sales of GoodBelly’s products? Based on the regression output what are your recommendations to GoodBelly’s management? (10 points)

7. Predict the sales for the average price of $4, with no sales representative, no end-cap location of the product, and a demonstration 3 weeks ago. (10 points)