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Individual Group: Project Charter development 2000 words
Subject Code and Title: PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management
Total MARKS: 40 Marks
Learning Outcomes:
Successful completion of this assignment will result in achievement of the following subject learning outcomes:
1. Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their role, relevance and impact on project management best practice and PMI's Code of Ethics.
2. Critically compare and contrast project management approaches and their appropriateness for managing a variety of project types, including IT projects.
3. Apply appropriate project management (including IT project management) tools and techniques, paying particular attention to risk management.

Learning Outcomes

In Individual/Group iidividual/Group Context
Project leadership is about inspiring the project team to do their best from the outset. This requires a combination of verbal and written communications and a range of applied leadership skills. One of the foundational documents that helps “kick-off” the project is the Project Charter. This is a document that describes the entire project in a short, succinct and presentable document that can be shared with project staff or other stakeholders to

commence the project in earnest. It also helps clarify the project context, the project team roles and the goals of the project.
In this assessment you will be given a project case study to use in order to develop a Project Charter. Though all students will receive the same case study, it is expected that each student will think about the project from their own perspective as an up-and-coming project manager. Use your own style based on your critical thinking of what it means for you to lead a project. That will help you formulate your unique Project Charter.
1. Read the case study provided by your lecturer. This will form the basis for your Project Charter, because you will assume that you are the project manager for this project.
2. After reading the case study start developing your project charter. This needs to be a 2000-word report (+/- 10%) and must use a minimum of 6 references (academic literature and industry publications. The case study is a 7th reference).
3. The Project Charter must include the following headings and be written as if you were presenting it to the project team that will build this project. You are the project manager. The contents of the Charter are:
a. Background to the project
b. Reasons for the project
c. Project objectives
d. Constraints, limitations and risks
e. Leadership structure (project manager and his or her senior aides: list the roles and explain what each does in the project. You need to cite 4 roles)
f. Project risks and their mitigation
g. Project stakeholders and how to interact with them
h. The vision of the project and the type of project team culture you wish to promote in your team
Output and Submission:
Submit your completed assessment by the end of the first week of Module 6 (Week 11) on Blackboard.
Learning Resources:
Elias, A. A. (2016). Stakeholder analysis for Lean Six Sigma project management. International Journal of Lean Six Sigma.
Patanakul, P., Iewwongcharoen, B., & Milosevic, D. (2010). An empirical study on the use of project management tools and techniques across project life-cycle and their impact on project
success. Journal of General management, 35(3), 41-66.
Assessment Criteria:
The assessment will be graded using the Learning Rubrics below. This is an individual assignment and it is worth 40%.