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Subject Title Marketing
Subject Code MKT101A
Assessment Title Assessment 3: Design Project
Graduate Capabilities
1. Professional Expertise
3. Technology and Information Literacy
7. Independent Self-Management
Learning Outcome/s (found in the Subject Outline) c. Explain service marketing theories and frameworks and their applications in the service industry you work in
d. Review the key components of a marketing plan?
Assessment type Individual
Weighting % 40%
Word count 1,500 words +/- 10%
Due day Week 11, Friday 11.59pm AEST
Submission type Turnitin ?
Format / Layout of Assessment
ICMS Student Declaration
Table of Contents
Findings and Recommendations (as per outline following)
Reference List
Assessment instructions
For this assessment task, students are to work individually to design a marketing project for a company of their choice in a given industry (i.e. Food industry, Fashion industry, Entertainment industry, Hospitality industry, Financial Service industry, Healthcare industry, etc.).
The design project is about proposing a new marketing idea or revised marketing offering which involves the implementation of one of the contemporary marketing issues that has been discussed in this subject.
The selection of the company/and product will need to be reviewed by the Lecturer for suitability (by Week 8) – but students should use the following as a starting point
• Readily and currently available in the Australian Market
• Well-known brand and/or parent company – though does not to be Australian owned
• Has been recently advertised in the Australian Market
• Has clearly identifiable and at least 4 competitors
Following is the recommended structure of the Design Report:
1. ICMS Student declaration
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Design Project Context - Cover the following:
• An overview of relevant background information on the Company and selected Product/Service
• A Marketing Environmental Analysis – identify and discuss the explicit Marketing Environmental factors that has impacted on the organisations’ competitiveness - Market (competition) and customer analysis including existing brand perceptions and target market characteristics
• The Contemporary Marketing Issue that is to be implemented and why it is applicable (or why it was chosen)
5. Revised marketing offering - Outline specifically the new market offering - details of the recommended changes (from what to what) or what is to be introduced or executed differently.
The recommendations should include aspects of contemporary marketing strategy applicable and which were discussed during the subject weekly topics.
A clear positioning statement for the new market offering, i.e. how will it create differentiated value for a key target segment and what
‘position’ will it occupy in that segment. How will it beat the competition?
Where applicable (depending on the recommended change), this section should also include
• The new Marketing Mix and/or new Promotional Mix
• Any recommendations concerning branding, packaging, labelling, brand/line extensions
• Any execution/implementation details
6. Conclusion
7. Reference List
The structure is report format. Hence, students are to avoid lengthy chucky paragraphs of narrative in favour of using sub-headings, tables, and bullet points. This formatting is encouraged as it will reduce the wordiness and increase the -readability- of the work.
As Marketing is a very visual discipline, it expected that there will be extensive visuals and images used to support and provide evidence for claims made.
The design project must demonstrate evidence of a detailed investigation with all claims and statements being supported by
evidence from either industry/marketing practice and/or relevant marketing theoretical principles.
Readings for the assessment Students would be expected to undertake additional research to complete this assessment from academic text, journal articles, trade publications, industry research documents. Students should also utilise the learning resources suggested in the subject outline and those provided on Moodle.
Students are to cite a minimum of 6 independent and credible references (a good balance of industry and academic) for a paper of this nature and layout and presentation according to the ICMS style guide and APA referencing system.
Unofficial blogs, unauthorised biographies, promotional material and sensational content must be excluded from the research. Students are to also avoid using less-credible sources such as Wikipedia, UK Essays, Slideshare, and other sites which are studentbased content (assessments and/or powerpoint presentations)
The Reference List should be numbered and include a separate section for sources of the visuals/images.
Grading Criteria / Rubric See following